Analene Lee

Once in a Lifetime Experience Analene Lee

Analene Lee

Once in a Lifetime Experience

Spending one month as an attachment student in Alex Chang & Co (“ACC”) is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made after completing my degree. I had the privilege of experiencing the day-to-day work of a litigation lawyer and getting hands-on doing the simplest task such as photocopy documents and scanning documents to all the way assisting the lawyers in preparing court documents.

On my first day of work, a very kind and loving lady called Ms Janice was introduced to me by Mr Alex Chang. I remembered clearly that I was given a notebook to write down all the tasks or instructions given. As an attachment student, I have to take note all the ‘rules and regulations’ around the office, thankfully I have wonderful colleagues Miss Amira and Miss Lim both easily approachable and willing to help me along the way.
I was also assigned to assist Miss Jess Pang during my attachment in ACC. I wish to personally thank her for being so kind enough to patiently teach me and guide me along this short journey. Not forgetting Mr Alex Chang who is always easily approachable and giving feedback to my work despite being overwhelmed with other works.

2.1 One of my most intriguing experience was to accompany our client to make a police report. It was an eye-opening experience as it was supposed to be a simple task (1 hour to make a police report) instead our client ended up meeting the investigating Inspector. We spent half A day at the police station with our client. Thankfully everything went smoothly that day.
2.2 Another wonderful experience was visiting the courtroom on several occasions where I was fortunate enough to witness Mr Alex Chang himself in action. One of them was when the opposing counsel objected to our prayer, Mr Alex Chang was so confident and precise but at the same time remained respectful towards the Judge and his opponent. Despite the objection from the opponent, the court was in our favour and granted our prayers.
2.3 Court experience had taught me that being a lawyer is not an easy job. A lot of discussions, preparations and research needed to be done and completed within a short period of time given. I had the privilege, unlike other attachment students where I got the chance to enter the Chambers. I was told that attachment students usually do not have the chance to go to court what more In-Chambers.

From my one month of attachment in ACC, I’ve learned that the most vital thing is to do is ask and get a proper and/or correct instruction. When in doubt, ask till you understand what you are supposed to do. As Mr Alex Chang always emphasized that it is important for lawyers to follow instructions not only from the court but also from the client.

Fast forward to one month later, as I’m writing this short essay, it is my last few days in ACC and I would like to give my utmost gratitude for the opportunity and guidance given by Mr Alex Chang, thank you for making my one month attachment a well spent one and also thank you very much for having me in the firm, for letting me experience how a litigation firm runs and the skills and sacrifices a lawyer would have to prepare themselves with.
My attachment period though brief was an unforgettable experience and I enjoyed myself. In that short time, Mr Alex Chang trained me to think, act and behave like a lawyer. It was definitely a once in a lifetime experience and for sure will remember and cherish this.
Last but not least, I would also like to extend my gratitude to Mrs Chang, Ms Janice, Ms Chow, Ms Ivy, Miss Pang, Miss Lim and Miss Amira for always helping and guiding me.


Analene Lee

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