Norarifa A Rahman
 诺阿里花 A 拉曼

Norarifa A Rahman
 诺阿里花 A 拉曼

Norarifa A Rahman
Norarifa A Rahman

1. My journey in Alex Chang & Co started in March 2015. I was placed under the assessed mini-pupillage programme. Fortunately, both of us were in consensus ad idem and the rest is history.

1. 我在张大律师事务所(Alex Chang& Co)的实习律师生涯始于2015年3月。我被安排度过了一段短期的实习律师试用期考核。幸运的是,我与我的 师傅达到了共识,于是我就顺利的成为张大律师的门徒。

2. The Court of Appeal
2 Alex Chang & Co is the place where I started to experience being in a litigation/ dispute resolution firm. The preparation before going to court is definitely something which is very tiring yet exciting and fulfilling. During my first month here I was assigned to follow Mr Chang to witness, Three Court of Appeal matters. Priceless to see counsel chew fine points of law.

2. 上述法庭
张大律师事务所(Alex Chang & Co)是我开始体验身处于“诉讼处理/争端解决的律师事务所”的地方。上法庭前的准备的材料是非常累人但却又令人兴奋和充实。单单在第一个月的期间内我就被委派跟随张大律师目睹三件上诉法庭的案件,能 够亲眼见识到律师如何分析法律细微之处的经历是非常难得的。

3. Section 223 Companies Act 1965 Leave
3 During my first visit to the Court of Appeal at the Palace of Justice, we were representing the Respondents.

3. 1965年公司法案第223條文(Section 223 Companies Act 1965 )-许可
我第一次到司法宫(Palace of Justice)的上诉法庭时,我们代表着辩方也就是应诉者。

3.1 The peculiarity of this appeal was that the learned High Court Judge ruled in favour of the Appellants/ Plaintiffs in 4 out of 5 points, only in the fifth and last point it was found to be in favour of the Respondents/ Defendants, our clients.

3.1 这上诉案不寻常的地方就在于,高等法庭庭主所认同了的5分之4观点都是有利于申诉人/原告的观点,只在第五和最后一个观点是有利于我们客户(应诉者/被 告)的。

3.2 The matter went very well in our favour. However, towards the end of the second hour, counsel for the Appellants advanced a “sympathy” point.

3.2 整个聆讯进行得都非常顺利。然而,在结束前的第二个小时,上诉人律师利用了一个“协调”点。

3.3 The point was, since the learned High Court Judge ruled in favour of the Appellants/ Plaintiffs in 4 out of 5 points, special treatment should be granted to them in the last point.

3.3那一个“点”就是,竟然高等法院庭主认同了有利于申诉人/原告五分之四的观点,对于最后一个观点,他们应该要 被给予特别待遇。

3.4 I could, from my observation, even from the gallery, see that the learned chairman of the panel was in deep thoughts as His Lordship considered and slowly ‘savoured’ that last point. There was a chance, in my mind that His Lordship could follow that argument.

3.4 从我的观察中,虽然坐在观众席那里,我仍可看到法官席主席进入了沉思,慢慢地“琢磨”那最后一个观点。我觉得法官有很大的机会会认同 控方的论点。

3.5 At this point, Mr Alex Chang prayed for an opportunity to address the court for a final reply. We invited the learned judges to revisit one English High Court decision to secure a final judgment in our favour in the Court of Appeal.

3.5 然而在那一刻,张大律师(Al e x Chang)向法官请求陈述他的最后一个答复机会。我们邀请法官再次参考英国高等法院的裁决来确保上诉法庭的最终判决会对我们有利。

4 One of my conclusions for the day: thorough reading and full understanding of the authorities is very important; timing your presentation of the right thing at the right time is even more crucial.

4 我对那一天的其中一个结论是:彻底的阅读和充分了解案例(authorities)是非常重要的; 但掌握陈述的时间(timing presentation)在 正确的时间点做正确的事情更是至关重要的。

Section 221 & 227 of the Companies Act 1965
5 Another visit to Court of Appeal involved two Appeals filed by us. One of the Appeals was whether an ex parte Summons In Chambers may be filed in a Companies Winding Up Petition, for any application deem suitable by the Honourable Court.

5 我再次到访上诉法庭时,是关于一件涉及我们所提交的两个上诉呈请的案子。其中一个上诉是关于到内庭所发出对于任何法庭所认可的呈请的单方面 传票是否可以被允许被提呈在公司清盘的呈请里。

5.1 When we arrived, we heard the sweetest words from the Respondents’ counsel. We consent to your appeal after reading the submission. However, for the other Appeal, we cannot agree with you.

5.1 当我们抵达时,我们听到了来自应诉者律师所说过的最情亲切的话语。我们看完陈词后同意您的上诉。但是,对于其他的上诉,我 们不同意你的看法。

5.2 Trenches were dug for the second Appeal.

5.2 我们为第二个上诉准备好了。

Pleasant Surprises
6 The second Appeal involved Section 227(1) and also 221 (2) of the Companies Act 1965.


6.1 To be more precise, the issue was whether the Official Receiver may be appointed as the Liquidator without first being appointed as the Provisional Liquidator; and

6.1 更确切地来说,那问题是,在没有被先委为暂定清盘人的情况下,破产管理官是否可以被委任为清盘 人;

6.2 Whether the High Court Judge may invoke the powers conferred in s 221 of the Companies Act 1965 in the absence of an application made by the parties.

6.2 在当事人没提出呈请的情况下,高等法庭庭主是否可以援引授予1965年公司法案的第221條文中 的权力。

7 We were so tired preparing all the bundles of authorities, research on cases as well as preparing the submissions. When the proceedings started, the Judges said,
“…Counsel for the Appellant do not have to submit as we have read your submission. But, counsel for the Respondent, please tell the Court why the Judge in the High Court was correct…”


8. It did not trouble the learned Judges much to allow our appeal. They ruled that:

8. 我们的上诉并不会给予法官们太多的麻烦。他们这么判决:

8.1 The Court ordered the Official Receiver to be appointed as the Provisional Liquidator for the purposes of the winding up pursuant to Section 227 (1) of the Companies Act 1965; and

8.1依据1965年公司法案第227(1)條文,为达成清盘的目的,法院下令破产管理官可以被任命为暂定清盘 人;

8.2 The High Court may not exercise the powers set out in Section 221(2) in the absence of an application set out therein.


9. To prepare a good submission is one thing, to submit is another thing, but to answer all the unexpected questions from the Judges is the most challenging part.

9. 要准备好陈词是一回事,呈交又是另一回事,但要回答法官意料之外的问题才是最具挑战性的部分。


The Federal Court
 In my second month I was invited to assist and observe the proceedings in the Federal Court, unfortunately that proceeding was postponed to another date. But the atmosphere in Federal Court is very different, the aura of the top Judges in Malaysia can be felt once they entered the Apex Court.

10. 联邦法院
 在我实习的第二个月时,我应邀去协助并观察在联邦法院的法律程式,遗憾的是该法律程序被推迟到另一个日期。但在联邦法院的气氛是非常不同的,当你进入了大马最高的法院时,你 可以感觉到马来西亚顶尖法官们的光环。

11. RM74 million Appeal
 My second visit to the Federal Court, shortly after my first visit, was more exciting.

11. 74亿令吉的上诉

11.1 We have already saved our clients, the Defendants, RM74 million in damages in the High Court and the Court of Appeal. The Plaintiffs applied for leave to appeal to the Federal Court.

11.1 在高等法庭和上诉法院时,我们就已经从这74亿令吉赔偿金额的案件,拯救了我们的客户,也就是被告需赔偿的命运。但 是原告人又再向联邦法院申请上诉许可。

11.2 After weeks of preparation, we waited for the whole day, our ‘air time’ was only 2-3 minutes.

11.2 经过数周的准备也等待了整整一天,就 为了我们的短短2至3分钟的“上演”时间。

11.3 We again succeeded in keeping the RM74 millions for our clients.

11.3 我们再次成功地为我们的客户保住了那74亿令吉。

12 On the same day, I had the opportunity to see other matters being presented in the Apex Court too. By observing and listening, there is much to be learned. From the very basic rules to the hardest parts of litigation.

12 就在同一天,我也获得了在顶尖法院看其他被陈述事件的机会。通过观察和聆听,我发现从最基本的规则到诉讼中最难的部分,还 有很多需要学习的事情。

12.1 For example, that the statement of claim, is an important document. If the draftsmanship is wanting, trouble brews.

12.1 例如,申索陈述书,是一份重要的文件,因为如果编辑技法很糟糕,麻烦就会随之而来。

13. Well, my observations in the first three months. The firm is definitely a place for you to learn, if you allow yourself to be taught. It was indeed an extraordinary experience for me to partake in the legal matters handled by Messrs Alex Chang & Co as aforesaid.

13. 好了,这些就是我在这里头三个月的观察。这所律师楼绝对是你学习的好地方,如果你愿意让自己被教导。对我来说,参与了张惠华大律师所处理的法律事务,绝 对是一件非凡的体验。

13.1 I believe everyone has a different story in his/ her journey in this legal profession. However, all of us have the same mission and vision, that is, to be a successful advocate and solicitor.


Norarifa A Rahman

 诺阿里花 A 拉曼

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 诺阿里花 A 拉曼

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