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Alex Chang Huey Wah
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Alex Chang Huey Wah Partner Profile


Mr Alex Chang  Huey Wah read laws at the Queen Mary College, University of London.

张惠华大律师(Alex Chang Huey Wah)于英国伦敦大学玛丽女皇学院 修读 法学位(Queen Mary CollegeUniversity of London



He is the Advisory Editor of the Companies Winding Up Handbook, first published  by  the  Malayan Law Journal in 1998, the  second edition was published in 2003;  and has been a contributor to the Malaysian Court Forms, Companies Winding Up section;  the Halsbury’s Laws of  Malaysia,  Companies Winding Up section Vol  6.

他是公司清盘手册的顾问编辑 。此书于 1998 年由马来亚法律杂志(Malayan Law Journal)发布/出版,第二版则出版于2003年。他也曾为大马法院表格”  (the Malaysian Court Forms), 对公司清盘的那一章节以及大马法律百科全书” (the Halsbury’s Laws of Malaysia 第六卷,公司清盘的章节写作。

Debt Recovery & Companies Winding Up

Debt recovery has always been in the blood of him.  He pioneered the art of recovery from defaulting companies.   If you bring a matter to him, he will ask you one question is the company still in business?  If it is, you should be able to collect the debt within 6 months.



Rental In Arrears

Mr Chang recovered rental in arrears from various types of tenancy agreements.  One of which is a recovery WITHOUT a tenancy agreement…   If the tenant is currently in occupation of the premises,   we should be able to recover your rent within 4-6 weeks.



Our Success Stories

We have completed one matter recently where Mr Chang reduced sum of RM74 million awarded as damages to NOTHING…




What is the point of holding all these knowledge without sharing with the young legal professionals?  Mr Chang likes to share his ideas.   As a Seminar speaker,  he has been invited to give  talks in seminars organised  by, the Bar Council, the Kuala Lumpur, Johor,  Pahang Bar  Committee, the Sabah Law  Association, Advocates  Association of Sarawak,  the  Malaysian Institute of Accountants,  the Malayan Law Journal, BASIS, Asia Pacific Diligence Sdn Bhd, Global Intelligence Network (M) Sdn Bhd, Universal Network Intelligence and  others.

研讨会/ 讲座/ 讲习会: 发言者/ 演说者

如果拥有很多知识,但却不愿与人分享,那有什么意义呢?张律师是一位喜欢分享的人是。所以作为一个研讨会发言者 (讲习会 演说者),他曾被邀请到各大研讨会,讲座,其 中的主办单位包括了大马律师公会,吉隆坡州,柔佛州,彭亨州 律师公会,沙巴 [马来西亚的一个邦] 法律协委会, 沙劳越 [马来西亚的一个邦] 法律协委会 (Advocates  Association  of Sarawak), 马来西亚会计师协会,the Malayan Law JournalBASISAsia Pacific Diligence Sdn Bhd, Global Intelligence Network (M) Sdn Bhd, Universal Network Intelligence 等。

In  January  2009,  he was leading a team of lawyers to wind up a Public Listed Company, a winding up order was granted against the  ‘Berhad’ eventually wound up,  a second ‘Berhad’ wound up by him.


He has appeared in many  reported  cases either  as counsel or his Companies Winding up  Handbook was referred to by the courts as reference material.


Community Service

Mr Chang always has the community at heart.  He was the President of the Rotary Club of Pudu, Malaysia in year 2013-2014.   During that year he won SIX best district awards and TWO runner ups totalling EIGHT awards.   The club under his leadership raised about RM380,000 (at about USD100,000 in 2014) for the community.


张大律师本着回馈社会的决心,时常挂心于社区服务。在20132014年,他担任了马来西亚 富都(Rotary Club of Pudu)区扶轮社社长。在那一年,他也赢得了六个最佳区域奖和两个区域亚军奖,总共八个奖项。在他的领导下,富都 区扶轮社已成功为社会筹得了约38万令吉(10万美金左右)的款项。





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