Lilian Chuah Shiou Hiu

What Inspired Me To Study Law By Lilian Chuah Shiou Hui


What Inspired Me to Study Laws

Lilian Chuah Shiou Hiu
Lilian Chuah Shiou Hiu

In my opinion, law plays a very important role in our society, law is a system of rules that is enforced to govern behaviours. If the crime rate in any country is high, the indication is that law is left behind and not being followed.

I have a very humble   family and  my father is a self-employed land broker he has to work with lawyers most of the time. It has inspired me to pursue my aspiration as a lawyer when I see how my father’s problems were being solved by the lawyers. After years of following my father in his course of work, I have met lawyers who are ethical, fighting for the rights of people and preventing fraud and deception.

At the same time, I have also seen unethical lawyers who would help businessman to cheat on transfer the title of real property for their own benefits. Through these experiences, I realised that it is important for lawyers to act ethically and it has strengthen my will to pursue law so that I could do my part in fighting for the rights of people to make my country a better society.

During my breaks in the university, I will get to the office to help my dad out with his work. From there, I have learnt how to process the applications of sale and purchase of properties in Malaysia. I have gained confidence to communicate with clients and explain the steps to purchase a property and the ability to work under pressure. Meanwhile I have also developed my interpersonal skills and working perfectly as a team with my colleagues within the short period of time. This has spurred my interests in law. My short attachment in Alex CHANG & Co allowed me to see the ‘insights’ on a legal office at work.

Lilian Chuah Shiou Hui
University of London

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