A Brand-New Experience in 21 Days – Yong Jei Beng


21 days was not too long for an attachment, but it was not too short either. It was my first and only attachment I ever engaged in and I would say it was very informative. If you are reading this, let me share a bit of my personal experience .

I would like to grab this opportunity to thank Mr. Chang, Miss. Lim Wen Mi, and all other staffs in Alex Chang & Co (ACC) for being supportive and helpful throughout my attachment period.

How I Got to Know ACC

I was told by a friend of mine that ACC was (and I believe is) taking in attachment and/or pupil by the time I completed my Bar Professional Training Course (BPTC), but still awaiting my results. So, I submitted by application to ACC through the online portal without any hesitation. But to my surprise, Mr. Chang replied to my application soon enough, a day after my application, to make an arrangement for my interview. Again, Mr. Chang was very accommodative by allowing me to run through a skype interview instead of face-to-face interview, which will be impossible for me to fly back in such a hurry.  

After some written assessment, I was informed that I got a place for attachment in ACC. So, my journey began.

Days in ACC

It is still fresh in my memory, the very first day I step foot in ACC. I was  nervous and clueless as I knew nothing about the ‘real’ legal world. I was introduced around by Ms Janice and was asked to fill in some personality questionnaire (of course till now I still wonder what is the use of it :D). 

I  then familiarized myself and started to adopt to the culture in ACC. Overall, every one in the office is  always hands-full with their daily task and if only if you are unable to complete your own task, all the member of staff will be there to assist.

My days started off by following Mr Chang and Miss Lim to court, then doing research, some drafting, and of course some other standard clerical works, which is common in every firm. 

Take Away from this Whole-Long Sharing

ACC is definitely a place you would like to indulge yourself into, a self-independent and always enthusiastic working environment. Prepare yourself with hard work and it will be a rewarding experience.  Not to worry with some adhoc task, which almost every office would have, but if you could struggle through the basic, you would be given a chance to take the next step.

Yong Jei Beng

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