The Courier and Parcel Phone Scam Fraud From China, [2016] ACCEJ 1

49305598 - middle women undergoing suspicious phoneRecently the Singapore Police Force recorded a video starring Comedian Hossan Leong  (for the video: Channel News Asia,) to raise awareness of a phone scam that caused Singaporean victims a lost of more than S$4 millions since March 2016.  The phone scam  became viral in Singapore whereby  the scammers will  impersonate officials from the   police, customs   or a  courier company.   Potential victims were told that they must send  monies to an overseas bank account as  a price for the officers to ‘remain silence’  since the parcel sent to them contained   unlawful items.

The   phone call will    direct us to some Mandarin speaking persons.  As reported by a leading newspaper in Singapore, the scammer will ask the victims for their names and bank account details or require the person to transfer money to a foreign account.



Recently, this   phone scam  hit the shores of Malaysia.  Our Mr Chang   received a  phone call    from Chongqing, China that a parcel in his name has been confiscated and required  payment before the parcel will be delivered.

He was already alerted to    this   scam   by his friends from Singapore.  Therefore he  instead  asked the person on the line what are the names of the recipient and the sender of the parcel.  The caller promptly gave some excuses and hung up.

The Singapore courier, SingPost said it was aware of the scam and a spokesman from DHL admitted that they received more than 200 reports of the phone scams daily. The Singapore Police Force suggest that  people shall not provide name, identification number, contact, bank or credit card details to anyone through unreliable phone calls.



If you should ever  receive such phone calls   be aware that the parcel must have your own name, contact details and the details of the sender.

It is impossible that the courier company will ask you to provide your name and contact information FIRST.  Secondly you should  also   check  the incident with the courier company itself before you provide any personal details to the unknown caller.


HIU Jing Yin Jennifer
HIU Jing Yin Jennifer


The National University of Malaysia, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia

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