An Eye Opening Attachment Internship Ooi Wei Qian

Ooi Wei Qian

It  is  my  pleasure to be one of the attachment students at  Alex Chang & Co and a great  opportunity to work with Mr Alex Chang Huey Wah.

It was really exciting.   As a young lawyer,  dealing with  Mr Alex Chang   will be  challenging as seniors think 5 to 7 steps ahead of  us.

Here I discovered the new meaning of  Reading.    Reading is our  job and  questions will be ‘fired’  after reading  and we  must be prepared to answer all the questions.   Some questions will come when we are least expecting them.

This reminded me about  the question that Mr Chang  asked  before the commencement of my attachment.  He  gave me six generic words  and granted  me to  one day to prepare for the topic set by him.  I have  done a lot of research still,  it was such a surprise when Mr Alex Chang asked me a question that I did  not even think about   and I found myself dumbfounded.  From that moment, I  realised that a great lawyer like Mr Alex Chang will always think critically and from many angles.  We must be able to apply the knowledge learned in the university in real life.

Besides work  Mr Alex Chang  had tirelessly spruced  up my language and gave me very good tips to improve.   He  taught me how to think, talk and behave like  a lawyer, be curious, seek and find solutions to all problems.

My   working life was  totally different from the university life.   I    visited  the Kuala Lumpur High Court and the Court of Appeal at the  Palace of Justice, and saw part of  practice life.   I found out about  the process of filing documents, I had theopportunity to see a trial court in Session Court too. It was exiciting when you could seehow the counsel  used  words to let the witnesses to speak out something that is inadvantage of your side.

I also had the chance to participate in a creditors’ meeting in Pejabat Insolvency. This was a rare chance for an attachment student. I can feel butterflies flying in my stomach.  The official receiver is very clear on every procedure that must be carried out during theprocess of winding up a company.

Besides that, I was invited by Mr Alex Chang to attend his lecture as one of the lecturers at the Bar Council Ethics classes tailored for the pupils in chamber. It was an eye-opener experience.

Mr Alex Chang’s lecture was very interesting and I had learned that a pupil has to be prepared at every time. This is because that a pupil might be nominated by his or her lecturer at any time for a short debate in the Ethic class. It will be fascinating if a pupil able to answer the question asked fluently especially in front of all other pupils.

I had the opportunity to have a short talk with the seniors who attend the Bar Council Ethics class. They were willing to share their experience with me and answered the questions asked. Before leaving, they also gave valuable advices to me.

In Alex Chang and Co, I had observed the daily operation of a litigation firm besides than the legal work that I had done. It can be said that a lawyer and lawyer’s colleagues’ day will be always a busy day.

In addition, the working environment in Alex Chang and Co is fun. Sometimes, the whole firm will have lunch together. This inevitably increased the relationship between us. Mr Alex Chang also organised a karaoke session at the Royal Lake Club. All of us enjoyed the food, drinks and songs there.

Last but not least, I would like to thank Mr Alex Chang for his guidance and to my colleagues for their help. I really appreciate them in making my summer holiday more meaningful.

Ooi Wei Qian

University of Kent

July 2015