Lessons Learnt From Chan Wai Lun’s Experience


Wong-Yi-TarngAfter reading through all the articles written by the attachment students, I was surprised that one of the articles was written by Kenny Lau whom I met in college.

One particular article caught my eye, it has a unique and interesting title that prompted me to click on it, the name of the article is “A letter to my 17 year old self” written by Chan Wai Lun, to be honest I felt slightly intimidated and worried upon reading it, mainly due to the fact that the article was impressive to me as he had summed up the skills and conditions that we as the Millennials should be equipping to succeed.


Lessons learnt from Chan Wai Lun’s article

As I said, Chan Wai Lun’s article is exceptional, I will not dwell heavily on what he said, instead I will share my views towards his experience and I hope to achieve in Alex Chang & Co.

Words are the lawyer’s tool of trade, if I am to only use one word to sum up what he had learnt during his attachment in Alex Chang & Co, I will use the word “QUALIFY”.


1)     Q for Quality of the teaching provided by Mr Alex Chang

This applies to all attachment students under Mr Chang, not only for Chan Wai Lun’s article, every attachment pupil under Mr Chang wrote a testimony describing what they could learn, would learn and have learnt during the period of becoming a pupil of Mr Chang, although not every attachment pupil has the same learning experience all of this experiences will not only widen the view and knowledge of the pupils, it also provide them with a hands-on training experience that will benefit each and every pupil for the years to come.


2)    U for Understand when to “grow up”

In Chan Wai Lun’s article, he mentioned that everyone shall get out of their comfort zone, upon reading his article I realized that I had never really gotten out of my comfort zone, or “shire” in Chan Wai Lun’s description, if one has always been too comfortable, one will never get much joy or happiness in one’s life because there are no ups and downs in one’s life.


3)    A for Admitting defeat, learn to concede

Mr Chang taught Chan Wai Lun a lesson about admitting defeat, and learning the importance of conceding when it’s right to do so; I recalled back when I was younger, I wanted to become a lawyer, not any ordinary lawyer but a formidable lawyer, I often vision myself in the future, accepting cases upon cases while disregarding the chance of success just for the money, I now realize that I was too foolish.


4)    L for Learning new things

I love trying out new things, I had worked as a waiter, baker, typist, usher and even a tour guide, each and every one of the job gave me different experience, allowed me to met different people in different walks of life as well as taught me a lot of life lesson that one cannot find in the textbook.

I heard that lawyers’ job are boring and pupils’ job consist mainly of mundane task, however from the other pupil’s comments everyday is a new day to learn and experiences new things, which once again had filled me with excitement which I can’t wait to join Mr Chang in Alex Chang & Co.


5)    I For Instructions

I always tell my junior, or have been told by my senior that listening and taking instructions are important, it is not only one of the prerequisites to become a great and respected leader, it is also an important quality that a lawyer should equip oneself with, being a muse of the law means following strict rules, process and procedure; every documents, every application and everything that has a legal effect must be produced and done according to how it is supposed to be done, therefore instructions are very important.

For a pupil that is still in the learning process of becoming a lawyer, I believe if a pupil had not learnt this important quality during the pupilage or attachment, they are more proned to make mistake which will eventually one day leads to losing a case.


6)    F for Fast

Chan Wai Lun mentioned a fact about Punctuality, “Time and tide wait for no man” essentially means doing things fast and being in time always, therefore I truly believe that being punctual is a respect to oneself and also to the others.


7)    Y for Years of hard work

In Chan Wai Lun’s article, he mentioned that success cannot be achieved without hard work and perseverance, this is true regardless of what job we are dealing with, after all there is nothing for us youngster to lose even if we gain nothing for working hard, because at least we tried our best, in the end it will still benefit us in some way, those experiences and hard work that we do will eventually accumulate into something that will help us reach success.


8)    Final Words

To me, the Word “Qualify” perfectly sums up the experience Chan Wai Lun had during his pupilage with Mr Chang, as when one has all the qualities mentioned above, one can only be “qualified” to become a upstanding lawyer for the society.

Wong Yi Tarng

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