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Free Advice Over the Phone


Generally we do not provide legal advice over the phone  whatsapp or other form of social media.   We maintain a simple policy that we advice clients in a face to face meeting.

This policy is inline with the guidelines given to us to identify the clients we are dealing with and the clients must sign a waiver if they receive free legal advice from us that we will not responsible in anyway to their matter.

You are welcome to send us your by filing the form below, if you have not done so,  and if your issues are in an area of law which we can assist one of our legal assistants (lawyers)  will be happy to see you for 45 minutes, at our office,  it will strictly oral consultation without any recordings of the conversation.

All you have to do is to   pay a small  fee  of RM1,272 (including Service Tax) upon arrival,  which will include one Company  search from the Companies Commission of Malaysia.

During the first interview   we will let you have our thoughts and  provide you with an estimate of our charges.

Please let us have the details of your matter



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Alex Chang
Queen Mary College London LLB Hons advocate and solicitor
2 Thoughts on Free Legal Advice Over The Phone
    Irene Sim
    20 Dec 2016

    I am a resident in Singapore with a Malaysian Passport. My elder brother want to serve a writ of summon on me with regards to some family matters. He has tried to send via DHL but we were not in.
    In a previous case, he came down personally to Spore to serve the writ.
    I was inform that he cannot serve a writ without permission from the court if I am not in Malaysia.

    Is This Correct?

    The writ is about assets belonging to my Mom (still very much in good health), where there is a written agreement that the children will assist Mom (she also sign on the agreement) to put all her assets into
    “Ah Kong”.
    This was not carried out as Mom is still very much alive, healthy n sane.
    My elder brother, not being able to lay his hand on the asset now claim that the assets should be place in a Public Trust for Charity.
    Mom is now fighting the case but I am name on the Summons as I was one of the signatory.

    A response will be much appreciated.


      21 Dec 2016

      Dear Irene

      Q1 I was inform that he cannot serve a writ without permission from the court if I am not in Malaysia.
      Is This Correct?

      A Yes

      With respect to the second part of your question, it is our suggestion that you seek the assistance of a solicitors, although he cannot ‘bring’ the Writ to you personally, it can be easily done ‘properly’. Once the Writ is deemed served a judgment may be entered in default of your appearance. Please visit the link below.

      We feel that you have a fairly good case from your description of the state of health of your mother.

      Hope it helps.

      Usually we do not disclose details of the clients’ matter online.

      Feel free to use: Live chat Whatsapp/ Viber +6012-2273289 if you have further queries.

      Best Regards

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