3 Reasons why you should NOT Extract Your Own Tooth


3 Reasons why you should NOT Extract Your Own Tooth

If you are reading this article, you are probably thinking about extracting that tooth of yours ALL by yourself…


A quick search on the internet revealed a few tricks, one of them is to google these words “cast away tooth extraction” wherein you will find a short video featuring the academy award winner Tom Hanks from the movie Cast Away,  which will show you how it can be done, when you are alone and stranded on an island.


We come across these questions many times a day…
“Can I evict the tenant myself…”,
“May I petition to make myself a bankrupt…”
“Can I speak to the Bank to terminate the Bankruptcy?
Unless you are also alone and stranded on an island, or that you ARE already able to extract your tooth by yourself, we strongly recommend you against it.


In the following example, we have saved our clients a whooping sum of RM74 million.  Of course, as the Yin and Yang of things would have it,  at the same time someone else lost RM74 million as they have used a wrong method to value the shares.
Write Off and Save Our Clients RM74 million of Damages Awarded By the Courts
If you adopt the wrong approach to your own legal problems you could pay a very high price.
If a client did not handle a legal situation properly he was heading for bankruptcy by entering into a simple transaction of buying a nice home for the family.   You will wonder,  assuming  a house purchased at RM1 million, the bank is only going to loan you A maximum of RM900,000 after a few years of repayment and the value having appreciated (gone up) there is no way that the borrower can be heading for bankruptcy. Read the story here.


A creditor (especially a banker) is a professional lender, they have an army of lawyers drafting agreements to protect their interest, that is why you were given an agreement to be signed and you cannot even change a comma in the loan agreement.    In the event of a default, notwithstanding the sums you have diligently  paid legal action was instituted against you.   At that time before you decide whether you can “negotiate” with a banker, do you know what “a default” is and when was the last time you used the word “notwithstanding”?
Do you think you are able to “negotiate” with your dentist on whether your tooth ought to be extracted due to medical reasons such as a periodontal disease?  Then again what is a “periodontal disease”?
A simple test is, if you are NOT a dentist or a doctor  and is able to understand what periodontal diseases are, go ahead and negotiate with the creditors and bankers.   Since you are most probably better in skills in filing in the cavities in your own molars than your dentists.
While the average clients that I have met cannot tell the difference between “than” and “then“,  “owed” and “owned” (serious…) what do you think about abilities on understanding “notwithstanding” and the rest of the loan agreement?


You want to be in the position to recover your debts from a company that was wound up just like the example below.
Recovery After Winding Up and Recovery Just Before Debtors Going South.


One of our clients was left high and dry when his tenant did not pay rent and refused to move out his ordeal ended when we “moved” in to help him to recover the outstanding rentale as well as evicting the tenant.
Distressed Over Defaulting Tenants and Subsquently A Happy Landlord Edward Lee.  A story on eviction of tenant.
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