Lee Yen Hsian Calise Former Legal Assistant

Lee Yen Hsian Calise
Lee Yen Hsian Calise

Miss Calise Lee Yen Hsian joined us at the end of June 2017 and she resigned from her position on October 20, 2017,  due to some  physical challenges she has.

We  will  always  miss your  cheerful personality, bubbly smiles   your enthusiasm in the affairs of the mini-pupils.   From the various  feedback   from the mini-pupils, they see you as  “big sister” constantly looking after their affairs.
Alex Chang & Co




I would like to thank Mr Chang and fellow colleagues  for the  guidance given  to me as I have  not  been in practice for at least nine months prior to me joining the firm in June 2017.

Calise Lee Yen Hsian


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