Chan Tsim Vern Germaine

Chan Tsim Vern Germaine
Chan Tsim Vern Germaine

A pupil who read in the chambers of Alex Chang Huey Wah Esq. in the year 2017 to 2018.

Patience is his virtue, fishing is his hobby.

Mr Chan was conferred a Bachelor of Laws from the University of London International Programmes, he was also awarded the Inspector General of Police Special Award for Criminology. Thereafter he pursued and obtained the Certificate of Legal Practice.

The retail sector, according to Mr Chan is his strength; this is where he gained various skills including the ability to communicate, and the ability to work as a team. Surprisingly the first stint in a legal firm for him is Alex CHANG & Co.   His future goals include a listing in the prestigious Legal 500, and also to contribute to the society in his area of expertise.



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