Lim Soo Zee

Megan Lim Soo Zee Former Legal Assistant

Lim Soo Zee
Lim Soo Zee


Miss Megan Lim Soo Zee a Law graduate from the University of London.  Miss Megan Lim Soo Zee began her professional life as a lawyer  in the firm as an attachment student in 2011 and thereafter read   in the chambers of Mr Alex Chang Huey Wah as a pupil in 2012.

Miss Megan Lim Soo Zee, was admitted to the Malaysian Bar in 2013 and assisted Mr Chang in the firm till the year 2017.

The firm records our sincere appreciation to  Miss Lim for her contributions  in the years she was assisting Mr Chang.

She contributed to the matter where the firm saved RM74 million for our client in LGB Engineering v Saiful, the firm received approval of our humble submission from the High Court to  the Federal Court.

Her ideas assisted the firm in securing an important mile stone in company law when the court decided that the word “and” shall be interpreted disjunctively and all leave application in s 223 now s 472 of the Companies Act 2016 must be heard by the original Companies Winding Up Court,  in the mater of N Z New Image v Loh.  The humble legal contention of the firm was accepted by all judges from the High Court to the Federal Court.

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