Admission to the Bar of Yeoh Khee Hing Esq

(L-R) Chuah Sui Cheing, Yeoh Khee Hing, Tan Eng Keat, Alex Chang and Ding Ming Shu

Admission to the Malaysian Bar (Long Call) Speech
On Dec 2, 2011, Alex moved four Admission Petitions  for (L-R) Chuah Sui Cheing, Yeoh Khee Hing, Tan Eng
Keat and Ding Ming Shu




Date:        December 2, 2011


Admission Speech of Mr YEOH KHEE HING as an Advocate and Solicitor of the High Court of Malaya

If it pleases you, My Lord

I, ALEX CHANG HUEY WAH, appear for the Petitioner, YEOH KHEE HING and  my learned friends representing the Attorney General, The Bar Council and the Kuala Lumpur Bar Committee have already been introduced earlier.

The petitioner was born in Kuala Lumpur  and is the middle child to Mr. Yeoh Kim Leng and Mdm. Wong Nyoke Pin.

Technically, middle children are those who are born in between two or more siblings. Being born in between is a bigger problem than what we think.  They have the middle child syndrome…

From my brief encounter with Your Petitioner, he does not have any of the problems of the Middle Children…

Being  born in Kuala Lumpur  blessed him   the abundance of great food, the petitioner enjoys eating, he lives to eat and hence My Lord  the size of the petitioner standing tall before your lordship today is the best testimony of Kuala Lumpur food.

Size does matter, My Lord,  as a litigation lawyer in court.

When in England,  He liked atmosphere of the English Pubs but  he hated the English Soggy tasteless  vegetables.    If  he  is  forced to name a favourite dish in England, it would be fish and chips with  a generous portion of salt and vinegar.

Your Petitioner  read law at the  University of Aberystwyth, Wales.  Subsequently, the petitioner undertook the Bar Vocational Course at  the  University of  West of  England  and  was  admitted to the Bar of England and Wales in July 2010.    He is also a member of the Honourable Society of Lincolns’ Inn.

Before he was admitted to Lincolns’ Inn, he was already a  member of the Pub of England.

The University of Aberystwyth is in Wales, he Loves the countryside of Wales, but he  only fell in love   with the countryside,  therefore forgot to  find a Welsh sweetheart.

The petitioner read in the chambers and benefitted from  the tutelage and guidance of his Mistress Ms. Theresa Chong, and  his mentor, Ms. Liang Cheng Jean of M/s Skrine.  He was given the opportunity to learn and explore the field of corporate law which he intends to continue practising in.

On this memorable day, the petitioner would like to express his gratitude to those who have played an important role in his career and his life.   First and foremost, he would like to thank his family, especially his parents, for their love, support, and sacrifices they have made for the petitioner in giving him the best opportunities they could.

The Petitioner would also like to convey his heartfelt  appreciation to his Mistress Ms. Theresa Chong, and his mentor, Ms. Liang Cheng Jean, for all their guidance and tutelage. The petitioner would also like to thank the partners and lawyers in Messrs Skrine and his fellow pupils for their
company and sweet memories for the last 9 months.

My Lord, the Petitioner is a fit and proper person to be admitted and enrolled as an Advocate and Solicitor.   The   Petitioner’s  papers are  in order and there is no objections  from  the relevant  parties to this Petition.

Therefore, My Lord, I humbly pray for an Order in Terms.

(Relevant parties will say no objections and  Judge will give order)

Much obliged, My Lord

My Lord, the Petitioner’s pupil mistress, Ms Theresa Chong is not present in Court today. May I humbly request the Petitioner’s mentor, Ms Liang Cheng Jean to robe the Petitioner.

Much obliged, My Lord