Curious Case Thumbs Up WhatsApp legally binding agreement


The Curious Case of the Elusive “Thumbs Up” on WhatsApp

A Canadian farmer has been ordered to pay RM284,870 in damages after a court ruled that his thumbs up emoji constituted a legally binding agreement. The dispute arose when the farmer and a grain processing cooperative disagreed over a deferred delivery purchase contract. The cooperative argued that the thumbs up emoji confirmed the farmer’s agreement, while he claimed it was merely an acknowledgment of receiving the contract. The court sided with the cooperative, recognizing the growing use of emojis in modern communication. This case highlights the need for the legal system to address the implications of emojis and similar forms of communication in contractual agreements.

1. Introduction:

“A good speech should be like a woman’s skirt: long enough to cover the subject and short enough to create interest.”

– Sir Winston Churchill

WhatsApp, the go-to messaging app for banter and chitchat, has a peculiar feature that can leave users scratching their heads – the elusive “thumbs up” reaction. In this article, we embark on a comical journey to unravel the mysteries of this digital thumbs-up and its mischievous knack for staying hidden from very discreet notifications, but it will not be shown as a new message.

2. The Mysterious Rise of the “Thumbs Up”:

WhatsApp, in its infinite wisdom, introduced the “thumbs up” reaction as a way to acknowledge messages without the hassle of typing a proper reply. It’s a shortcut for those moments when words escape us, and all we can muster is a thumbs-up of approval. But little did we know, this mischievous little thumb has a secret trick up its sleeve.

3. The Discreet  Sneakiness of the “Thumbs Up”:

Here’s where it gets cheeky. When you send a “thumbs up” reaction on WhatsApp, it vanishes into the digital abyss, leaving the recipient none the wiser. There is a very discreet notification, but it will not be shown as a new message. No fanfare – just a  thumbs-up and a very discreet notification in the void. It’s like sending a secret message that only you and the app’s developers are in on. Sneaky, right?

4. The Psychological Whirlwind:

Now, imagine the confusion on the other end. You send a witty message, expecting a roaring reply, but instead, you receive the dreaded silent thumbs-up. Your mind goes into a tailspin. Did they see it? Did they like it? Or did they accidentally slip and hit the wrong button? It’s a psychological roller coaster that tests even the most resilient of digital conversationalists.

5. Cracking the Code of Communication:

To overcome the enigmatic nature of the “thumbs up” reaction, we should  resort to good old-fashioned communication. Yes, talking to each other! Establishing clear expectations and preferences can save us from a world of thumb-induced confusion. Let your contacts know that you prefer actual words instead of cryptic thumbs-ups. After all, deciphering hieroglyphics is best left to the Egyptologists.

6. Embracing the Emoji Extravaganza:

While the “thumbs up” might have mastered the art of hiding, WhatsApp offers a treasure trove of emojis to fill the communication void. When words fail, let your emojis do the talking. From the tears of laughter to the facepalm of exasperation, these little graphical wonders can convey more emotions than an entire thesaurus.

7. The Power of Proper Responses:

In the grand tapestry of digital conversations, nothing beats a good old-fashioned reply. Take the time to craft a witty comeback, a thoughtful comment, or even a cheeky GIF. Show that you’re present and engaged in the banter. Don’t let the    thumbs-up with a very discreet notification steal the limelight. Your response is the lifeblood of digital camaraderie.

8. Conclusion:

The “thumbs up” reaction on WhatsApp may be a master of disguise, but we can outwit its silent ways. By embracing open communication, showering our conversations with proper replies, we can restore the balance in our digital banter.

So, next time you receive that elusive thumbs-up, fear not – for you now hold the secret to decode its hidden message. Keep calm, carry on, and let the laughter and conversations flow, thumbs-up or otherwise!

A word of caution, we would like to set a disclaimer that the  “thumbs up” reactions  with a very discreet notification,  will not be accepted as replies  as they do not pop up as a new message… We hope some readers will share our view.

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