Unleashing the Power of WhatsApp’s Dictation, Scan Text, and Speak Features


1. Introduction

WhatsApp, one of the most popular messaging apps worldwide, continues to innovate with powerful features that enhance user experience. Among these features are the “dictation,” “scan text,” and “speak” options. This article provides a comprehensive guide on how to activate and utilise these features, making WhatsApp even more convenient and user-friendly.

2. The Potent Dictation Feature:

At the core of WhatsApp’s efficiency lies the dictation feature, allowing users to send messages without typing. To harness this power, the first step is to activate the keyboard for multiple input languages, such as Malay, English, and Chinese. By configuring the keyboard accordingly, users can effortlessly dictate messages in various languages.

3. A Voice at Your Fingertips:

Next, locate the “mic” button at the bottom of the WhatsApp screen. This “mic” button serves as the gateway to spoken messages. A simple tap on it allows users to begin dictating, transforming their spoken words into precise text.

4. A Clear Distinction:

It is crucial not to confuse the dictation “mic” button, positioned at the bottom of the screen under the virtual keyboard, with the voice message recording “mic” button, located in the middle of the screen atop the virtual keyboard. The distinction ensures a smooth dictation experience without unintended voice recordings.

5. Empowering Cantonese Communication:

For ardent Cantonese communication enthusiasts, activating the “Cantonese-Traditional Keyboard” is a treat. This feature enables users to type like true Hong Kongers, embracing the richness of the Cantonese language.

At the time writing, I have only tested  this functionality   on the  iPhones.

6. Embracing the Essence of Cantonese:

By activating the Cantonese-Traditional Keyboard, users can immerse themselves in the nuances and charm of the Cantonese language, strengthening cultural ties or exploring the vibrancy of this captivating dialect. For Cantonese speakers, this feature infuses a sense of authenticity and familiarity into their WhatsApp conversations.

7. The Scan Text Function:

Complementing the dictation feature, WhatsApp boasts another powerful addition: the “scan text” function. This tool allows users to convert physical text into digital form effortlessly.

8. Tapping into Scanning Power:

To activate the scan text feature, simply tap twice on the screen where the text needs to be input. This prompt a pop up menu, with two options, “paste” and a “scanner”  icon. 

One click on that “scanner” icon triggers the camera, transforming the device into a potent scanner.

This feature is generally  available on the iPhone you can use it in WhatsApp as well.

9. Translating Paper to Pixels:

With the camera activated, users can capture text from books, documents, posters, or any physical text source. WhatsApp’s intelligent scanning capability then converts the captured text into editable digital form.

The scanned text will show up in the input screen and all you have to do, is to  click the blue pop up button “insert”. 

10. Enhancing Productivity and Accessibility:

The scan text feature is a valuable asset, enhancing productivity and accessibility. Gone are the days of laboriously typing content from printed sources. WhatsApp’s scan text function offers a time-saving alternative, benefiting users with visual impairments or those handling substantial written information.

11. Empowering Multilingual Communication:

Beyond convenience, the scan text feature also facilitates multilingual communication. By capturing text in different languages, users can effortlessly translate and share content with global contacts, transcending linguistic barriers.

12. Embracing Learning and Sharing:

The scan text function’s potential extends to education and knowledge sharing. Students can extract text from textbooks or study materials for easier reference and collaboration. Likewise, researchers and educators can promptly share valuable information from print sources with colleagues and students.

13. The Speak Feature for Lazy Readers:

Lastly, for users who prefer to listen instead of reading, WhatsApp offers the “speak” feature. Simply long-press on any message, and a pop-up menu will appear. Select the “speak” option, and WhatsApp will read the message aloud, providing a convenient solution for those on the go or with limited reading time.

14. Summary:

WhatsApp’s dictation, scan text, and speak features offer a range of benefits, revolutionising digital communication. With dictation, users can effortlessly compose messages in multiple languages, while scan text bridges the gap between the physical and digital worlds. The speak feature provides a convenient solution for those who prefer listening to messages.

15.  Conclusion

By embracing these features, WhatsApp users can communicate more efficiently and appreciate the authenticity of their preferred language. Constantly evolving to meet user needs, WhatsApp exemplifies the essence of innovation in the digital age. So, activate your keyboards, tap the mic, and scan your way to a new era of communication on WhatsApp!

Alex Chang

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