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Brief Answers to the BIG Questions in Debt Recovery Malaysia


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Does the Legal Process Start with a Letter of Demand


Yes. Usually.


Fundamental Question: if I sue someone will I be guaranteed a payment?

基本问题: 如果我选择起诉某人,是否可以 保证我能得到偿还吗?

Before a credit s extended, a creditor must conduct due diligence on their debtors and come to a conclusion whether, when push comes to shove (at the end of the day) can the debtors pay the debts?

债权人选择放宽还债期限时之前, 债权人必须对债务人要进行尽职调查并得出结论,在最紧要时刻(到最后)债务人是否可以偿还债务? 

What a lawyer cannot do, is to guarantee a recovery. 


Writ of Summons vs Companies winding up Petition 

传讯令状 vs 公司清盘呈请

All debs recovery process in Malaysia  may start with a letter of demand followed by a  Writ of Summons to recover a debt against an individual or a company. 

在马来西亚的所有债务追偿的程序都能始于一封追讨信,然后一份传讯令状, 以追讨个人或公司的债务。

On Writ of Summons click here.

想要知道更多关于“传讯令状” 的信息,请点击这里

The quickest way to obtain a judgment is via the summary judgment process. 

“简易判决” 是获得判决的最快方法

On Summary Judgment click here.

要知道更多关于 “简易判决” 的信息,请点击这里

At the end of a  Writ of Summons process, the court may grant a judgment. 

在 “传讯令状”程序的最后阶段, 法庭可以给于判决。

You may execute a judgment by way of a bankruptcy petition, a Writ of Seizure and Sale, a judgment debtor’s summons, a garnishee proceedings or a companies winding up petition. 

您可以通过破产呈请、 查封与拍卖令、传讯判决债务人、第三方债务人法律程序和公司清盘的方式来执行该项判决。

On a writ of seizure and sale click here.

要知道更多关于 “查封与拍卖令” 的信息,请点击这里

Alternatively you may commence a companies winding up petition against a company  in malaysia without first obtaining a court judgment. 


On Whether a Judgment is Required before the filing of a Winding Up Petition click here.


Companies winding up Handbook Malaysia 


There is a Handbook written on the companies winding up procedures in Malaysia.   Edited by Alex Chang 

有个公司清盘程序的手册著作。由 Alex Chang 编辑。 

See the foreword by Dato Gopal Sri Ram a former Federal Court judge.  

看一下前联邦法庭法官 Dato Gopal Sri Ram的前言

See also the foreword by Datuk Wira Low Hop Bing   a former  judge of the  Court of Appeal.  

看一下前上诉庭法官 Datuk Wira Low Hop Ping 的前言

Can I get interest on a judgment sum?


Yes all judgments come with a 5% per annum interest from the date of judgment, some judges, if the circumstances is right, may grant interest at an agreed rate from the due dates.

是的,所有的判决都会包含五巴仙年利率, 此利息会从判决当天开始计算。 在某些情况, 法官可能会下令利息在双方认同的利率中从欠债的日期开始算起。

What can I get if a settlement is negotiated?

如果谈判达成和解, 我能从中得到什么?

In any negotiations, the final settlement sums will be dependant on the skills of the negotiators and the strength of the case.  

在任何谈判中, 最终和解的金额都取决于谈判者的谈判技巧和实力。

The least desirable is a settlement after a “hair cut” (a discount from the debt owed);


The desirable settlement is one with a full settlement; 


The most desirable settlement is one with a full settlement plus interest and legal fees.  

最理想的解决方案是对方偿还所有债务, 附加利息和法律费用

Once A Court Make an Award Will It Be the End


No there are two levels of appeal.   From the High Court to the Court of Appeal and then to the Federal Court.

不是,上诉有两个层次。从高等法院到上诉庭, 然后再到联邦法院 。

A High Court gave an award against our client to pay RM74 Million (USD18.5 Million), we set aside that award, the claimant appealed to the Court of Appeal and then to the Federal Court failed to reverse our setting aside.  At the end our client did not have to pay.

有个高等法院裁定我们的客户支付7400万令吉(1850万美金), 我们成功把该判决给搁置。索赔人把该案件向上诉庭上诉然后再向联邦法院上诉, 仍然无法驳回我们的搁置。最后, 我们的顾客无需支付任何金额。

Enforcement of Judgment

You may enforce a Judgment by way of a Writ of Seizure and Sale. Please click here for more information.

You may enforce a Judgment by way of filing a Company Winding Up Petition. Please click here for more information.

You may enforce a Judgment by way of filing a Bankruptcy application.

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