Foo Hiap Choong with Mr Alex Chang and Miss Jo Tan

Admission to the Bar of Foo Hiap Choong

Pupillage Speeches
Foo Hiap Choong
Mr Foo Hiap Choong with his master, Mr Alex Chang and his mover, Mr Shaikh Harun

Name:     FOO HIAP CHOONG (No 9 in the list)
Date :      8th October 2010

Admission Speech of Mr Foo Hiap Choong as Advocate and Solicitor, High Court of  Malaya.

If it pleases you My Lady,

I, Shaikh Harun, appear for the Petitioner, and my learned friends representing the relevant bodies that have been  introduced  earlier.   Your  Petitioner was born in Kuala Lumpur on a remarkable date of 16th  September 1983 and (now known as Malaysian Day) is a third child to the Late Mr Foo Kuo Liang and  Madam  Lee Soo Chan.   Petitioner’s late father was a  retired  medical salesman  and his  mother is a home maker.

My Lady,
Your Petitioner read laws at University of London, vide their External Programme. Thereafter, your Petitioner in obtained his Certificate in Legal Practice and underwent his pupilage at Messrs Alex Chang & Co under the tutelage of my learned friend Mr Chang.

My Lady,
Allow me a minute or two to let all concerned know some secrets of your petitioner. His first ambition was to be an ambulance driver,  because  your petitioner  wants  to devote his life to the public.   But however, he was enlighten by his brother,  Mr  William  Foo, who also  a fellow member  and is  present  today, told  him  that  becoming  a lawyer can  save  more lives.   Hence, your petitioner embarked the journey of laws.  Mr Chang assures me, he taught your petitioner how to wind up companies but wont chase AMBULANCES.

My Lady,
Your Petitioner completed his pupilage under the tutelage of my learned  friend Mr Alex Chang Huey Wah Esq from  Messrs.   Alex Chang & Co who is the Author of the Book Companies Winding Up
Handbook, an expert regarded by some in companies winding up petitions.

As a pupil of Alex Chang Esq, he had a great time learning and exploring  corporate law, assisted in the research for matters from Magistrates’ Court right up to the Federal Court.

He was also tutored and  later  took charge to argue  contested  applications in the High Court as well.

Your petitioner always  remembers two phrases learnt from Mr Chang which is “Building your Personality is more  important  than learning the law” and  “Self-Realisation- find out  what  are  your  weaknesses  and build on them”.  I  was  told  by  your  petitioner that these phrases  will propel him further in life.

It is therefore not surprising that he sums up the period reading in the chambers of Alex Chang Esq as interesting, very challenging.

My Lady,
On this memorable and remarkable day for Mr Foo Hiap Choong, Your Petitioner, he seizes this opportunity to record his appreciation  to his parents, late father Mr Foo Kuo Liang and Madam Lee Soo Chan  the endless tender love and care, financial support and of course, all her delicious cooking.  Also,  a special thanks to his brother Mr William Foo who always guide and support him whenever  he needs  help, his  sister  Miss Wendy Foo, his good relative – “Koo Ma” –  Madam Chua, his lecturer Mr Joseph Low, his best  friend  Mr Tony Chong  who takes  time to teach him the “life” lessons- “how to apply law in your life”, “critical thinking” and of course all his friends present here.

Looking back at the nine months, Your Petitioner  expresses  his gratitude to Miss Jo Tan, and all his colleagues in Messrs Alex Chang & Co, for making his time reading in chambers a meaningful
and unforgettable one.    Finally: “Thank you again to his Master, Alex Chang Esq, the best  master in this world. Alex say  this statement is only  the opinion of  Your Petitioner, it cannot be wrong as Mr Foo knew only one master ma ….

My Lady,
I believe that Your Petitioner’s papers are in order and the relevant bodies have no objections.
Wherefore I humbly pray that Petitioner be admitted and enrolled as  an Advocate and Solicitor of High Court of Malaya. I am obliged.   I seek leave from this Honourable Court to invite me learned friend, Alex Chang Esq, Your Petitioner’s pupil master to robe Your  Petitioner.

We are obliged.

Foo Hiap Choong with Mr Alex Chang and Miss Jo Tan
Foo Hiap Choong with Mr Alex Chang and Miss Jo Tan






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