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Bankruptcy Discharge of Full Settlement Creditor

If you wish to obtain a Discharge from Bankruptcy after Payment in Full to the Judgment Creditors.

You need to
1 Obtain a letter of full and final settlement from the Judgment Creditors who “made you bankrupt”. Please do NOT proceed to make payment unless you have performed all the steps;

2 Negotiate for a lesser sum from the Judgment Creditors if you wish;

3 Get a list of all creditors who have filed a Proof of Debt (POD) against you with the Director General of Insolvency. The creditor who “made you bankrupt” may not be the only creditor;

4 Fill in, affirm (sign) it before a Commission for Oaths and file a Statement of Affairs (SOA) with the Official Assignee, the Director General of Insolvency;

5 Get a letter (hereinafter the “Letter”) from the Director General of Insolvency on the exact sum to be paid to the Director General of Insolvency for them to consent to your application to discharge;

6 Make the full payment to the Director General of Insolvency as per the sum in the Letter;

7 Instruct a firm of solicitors, to make an application in court for the discharge.

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