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Debt Recovery Companies Winding Up Legal Firm


20 Years of Service

Let our legal firm with 20 years of experience in Liquidation Insolvency Companies winding up transforms your Debt Recovery/ Collection Task into a brand new HASSLE FREE experience.





Our Mission

To maintain our position as one of the top legal firms in the recovery of debts in Malaysia and to assist our individual and corporate clients around the world to safeguard THEIR INVESTMENT by giving our clients practical advice to efficiently resolve whatever issues they have.



Clients' Review




Our clientele consist of different sectors of the industries: Auto, Building Materials, Chemicals, Explosives, Inks, Logistics, Printing, Tires…






Applying our experience, energy and expertise to every project we accept, the members of our firm are dedicated to your success.  See the REVIEWS of our clients.




Debt Recovery

Debt Recovery

Sharpest Tools in the Box

Our firm employ  some of the ‘sharpest legal tools’ in the box to recover and collect your debts.  Either your debtors pay up or we wind them up (put them into liquidation).




Admission of Gary Au


Pupillage Attachment and  Internship

At Alex Chang & Co, we focus on the personal development as well as the professional development of our juniors. Your  pupillage attachment and internship will be a unique way to learn, see the comments.



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