Why Bail Should Be Granted? What Reasons Should You Offer?

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If you are arrested, you may try to offer the following reasons as ONE of the many reasons, please consult your lawyer independently.

The main purpose of the implementation of MCO is to break the chain of the Covid-19 infection and to flatten the curve. One of the ways is by the practice of social distancing. Thus, placing the violators of MCO in detention and putting them behind bars at this moment would defeat the very purpose of implementing the MCO.

实施行动管制的主要目的是打破Covid-19感染链并压平曲线。 其中一种方法是保持社会距离。 因此,在此时将违反行动管制者拘留并将其收监会破坏实施行动管制的目的。

The Human Rights Commission of Malaysia (SUHAKAM) has expressed the same concerned on their press statement dated April 3, 2020. This is because there is over a thousand of people arrested each day for these few days, most of them are in remand and later charged in court, only a small number of them were released on police bail.

马来西亚人权委员会(SUHAKAM)在2020年4月3日的新闻声明中也表达了同样的关注。这是因为在这几天中每天有超过一千人被逮捕,其中大多数人还被拘留, 之后被控上法庭,其中只有一小部分被保释。

Therefore the lock-ups and prisons are crowded with the violators of the MCO. The lock-ups and prisons are exposed to the risks of being the new cluster of Covid-19 infection.

Thus, bail should be granted as opposed to putting the violators in detention and later in jail.

Anni Ng

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