My Maiden Journey in a Law Firm during Covid-19

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The Journey Begins

            October 12, 2020, what a memorable day! It was my very first time working in a law firm. I have never worked in a law firm before so I am glad, I had the opportunity to get a taste of it through Alex Chang & Co (ACC). Although it only lasted for a month, as it was a one-month mini pupillage program, but it was, I would say, a fruitful journey.

            My journey with ACC started in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic. It was not the best timing but it wasn’t the worst either. Throughout my mini pupillage, I was exposed to and given the opportunity to try out many things, such as doing legal research, preparing witness statements, drafting affidavits and written submission, translating documents, attending conference calls and also accompanying my master, Mr. Alex Chang and my senior, Miss Lim Wen Mi, to Shah Alam High Court for a hearing before the Registrar.

The Shah Alam High Court trip was fun. There were many firsts, as it was my first time visiting the Shah Alam High Court and also my first time attending the hearing before the Registrar. The day got even better when the Registrar gave a decision in our favor.

            Unfortunately, the Shah Alam High Court hearing is the only one that I got to attend. This is because most of the court cases have been postponed or moved online due to the pandemic. Furthermore, due to the implementation of Conditional Movements Control Order (CMCO), I missed the chance to attend another court hearing in Kedah with my master and my senior.

My Experience

            I remembered my first research was in relation to bailee-bailor relationship. One of my happy days in ACC. This is because both my master and senior had complimented me for doing a great job in doing that research as the provision that I found was really useful and was a big help to their case. I am happy I had contributed something and was able to assist them in their case.

            Another legal research that I did was tasked to me by another senior counsel, Mr. Kingston. My attempt at this research was not as successful as my first, I had been tasked to conduct this research during the weekends at the comfort of my own home, however it was most unfortunate that I was not able to access the legal databases needed to conduct a good research. My essay was criticized; I am not proud of it. However, I was given a second chance to redo it. I am grateful for the second chance given to me in order to redeem myself.

            My master also gave me the opportunity to draft a witness statement. Back in law school, drafting witness statements were a 7man job. So, when my master asked me to draft the witness statement, I was excited but at the same time petrified at the idea of having to draft a witness statement all by myself, as I was afraid I would not have been able to do a good job.

            To properly draft a witness statement, a lot of reading is required. Through drafting witness statements, I learnt that it is crucial to have read each and every document carefully, thoroughly and take note of all the details. In the end, I managed to prepare approximately 100 questions for the witness statement.

            Lastly, I was also asked to do some translation works on some of the documents. I would say translation works are fun and easy. I am glad that our Dewan Pustaka has made the translation work easier and quicker.

Working Atmosphere

            To be honest, the working atmosphere in ACC is pretty good and harmonious. Everyone in the firm is nice and friendly. Even though, in my first week, I was still not familiar with every one’s working style and characteristics, but with time, we got along well for the duration I was there.

            Furthermore, music is always flowing out from the master’s room, making the whole working ambience more relaxing and chill. Apart from that, in ACC, we always have lunch together. During lunch time, we will chit chat, accompanied by a little background music to complete the whole “dining experience”.

Last but not Least

            I would like to express my utmost gratitude to my master, Mr Alex Chang for giving me this opportunity to work in ACC. I also want to thank each and every one in the firm, Miss Elaine, Miss Lim, Miss Janice, Miss Chow, and Miss Anni in my one-month of mini pupillage. Thank you for all the guidance.

            Unfortunately, due to this Covid-19 pandemic, I am unable to extend my stay with ACC. It is sad news indeed. I would not say that I had joined ACC in a wrong time. Personally, I do not think the timing is wrong. There is never a good timing nor a bad timing because everything is in God’s hands, as he has prepared the path for us.

Jasmine Ha.

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