Moot Court Experience during Attachment Internship Program Noor Izzatie Binti Zainol

Moot Court Experience  during Attachment Internship Program

Noor Izzatie Binti Zainol
Noor Izzatie Binti Zainol


My four-weeks attachment period was a valuable experience that gives me an insight of what legal world really is.   To add icing the cake, I had the opportunity to experience mooting.

Despite reading law for three years,   never have I  imagined  mooting  off campus.  Feeling  nervous was an under statement due to the  ‘deficiencies’ in skills  experience and not to mention confidence.   Although I had the desire, never had the nerve to do it.

The in-house moot training conducted in the firm was definitely a good learning experience  in the preparation  submission, court deportment,  etiquette in a  court and most importantly   the handling of the  judges’ questions.

The experience   changed my mind about moot and prepared me    to participate  in moot competitions, it is never too late to try.



Besides the in-house moot training, we were given  many research assignments.   We   learned much in Civil Procedure   like originating summon, writ of summon, notice of motion and summary judgment which were   alien   to me, now they all came alive.  An important lesson   patience and hard work will always  pay.

Being in a firm very interested in Company Law brought me to the new frontiers in Company Law  introduced by the Companies Bill 2015 as I was tasked to research into Corporate Voluntary Arrangements practised in the United Kingdom.


Court Visits

The court visits  exposed  us to  how applications were  made in  court, addressing the judges and the senior assistant registrars and court  etiquette.  The Court of Appeal hearing which I observed  was definitely an eye opener.


Other task

Simple tasks like making enquiries  to the court or the ministry may look ridiculously facile.  However, it taught me the much needed communication skills   to convey messages   effectively. Communication skills  is one of  the core skills that must be possessed by any law student and task like this will put one to the test.



Albeit the    short   attachment, I   learned and gained much.   Special thanks to Mr. Alex Chang who had given me this opportunity   and also not to forget Miss Lim Soo Zee, Mr. Danien Soong, Ms. Janice and Ms. Chow who had help me a lot at the firm. Terima kasih daun keladi.

Noor Izzatie binti Zainol
University of Malaya

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