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A Place to kick-start practice – Tan Xin Jasmin


The short attachment spent at Alex Chang & Co was a solid learning phase that is quintessential to law graduates.

Alex Chang & Co is a close-knit law firm that will have everyone involved in the day to day workings of the firm. The learning curve will be a steep one that requires you to be on your feet as soon as you step foot into the firm on your first day.

There will not be a day where interns are idle, interns will be assigned with tasks, mostly research work that will leave the interns pondering into multitude of aspects of the law. Interns are free to commence research work within the myriad of cases, judgments and precedents; to come out with their own conclusion and understanding of the law, which will be presented in a discussion.
As mentioned above, interns will not be idling in the firm, and it is true in a literal sense too. Interns will be attending Court sessions with the firm. Interns will be exposed to knowing the physical Court building structure, what to prepare prior to a session in Court, and the basic court etiquette.

For aspiring legal eaglets, Alex Chang & Co will be a good place to kick start practice.

Tan Xin Jasmin
Jan 2020

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