Marina Wong with Nur Azhan

Marina Wong


Marina Wong, Brickfields Asia College, 3 months attachment.

During my attachment period in Alex CHANG & Co  (ACC), it has taught me that to be a litigation lawyer in near future, a lot of effort, time management and a broad mind of thinking is needed. It has also taught me to be meticulous, careful thinking and must ensure  that I am able to react fast, smart and correct. I was also exposed to a lot of court hearings.

I am also glad that I am given the chance to practice and learn the process of doing skeletal submissions. It has been a tough task in order to produce a good submission, but what I am very glad is that guidance and patience were given to me. During my attachment here, it has also taught me the importance of team work and co-operation with colleagues.

What was most interesting during the course of my attachment was the fact that I was given the chance to attend court hearings and this includes even in chambers hearings when I have no loans to attend but permission were granted. One of my most interesting hearing is the case of KGW full trial which involves 16 lawyers and appearing before honourable Dr. Badariah. I was exposed to the proceedings in open court and in chambers. It was a fun and good experience to see counsel arguing and presenting their laws and facts. In furtherance, a good experience was appearing before Dato’ Kang in a cross-examination case. The opportunity of court proceedings were given widely.

I have also learnt that when presenting submissions, one must be very focused and firm with your point. I am proud to say I got to experience that during an open court case, judges would question counsels if counsels are unable to deliver their firm points. For example, in a case where the judges questioned counsels “show me the money!” and counsels were unable to do so. In furtherance, I have also learnt that court procedural is of absolute importance to be followed. When you are in court room and appearing before the judges, we must be alert and well caution.

I’ve experienced in another case where judge can be very strict and “in moods” where the particular judge told the counsel to “sit down and shut up” when he was trying to explain to the judge what the witness were saying.

The most memorable experience during the attachment is to have helpful, jovial and friendly colleagues. Whenever I am not sure about the task given to me, my colleagues were always willing to help me and find solution. I still do remember when I was hospitalised, my colleagues were very concerned and caring. They do check on my daily health progress by sms-ing me and call to ensure everything are under control.

I am very glad to have a understanding, caring and concerned employer. When I got back to work after the 2 weeks of hospitalisation, I was worried I could not catch up with my workloads. But however, such worries were pointless as my colleagues were very helpful to help me with my workloads and my employer, Mr. Chang were very understanding where he did not put me under stress and pressures and always constantly ensure I am able to cope with works, studies and in good health. I am glad to have a very understanding employer and helpful colleagues.

The advices given to me would definitely be helpful and very good. Mr Alex Chang never give up guiding me, correcting me and teaching me the proper legal work proceedings. With such knowledge, advices given and the guidance would definitely help me especially when I proceed to do my chambering in near future.

The staffs here are caring, dedicated, helpful and jovial. Whenever I need assistance, they are always ready and be there to help me out. I am very thankful to have all the wonderful colleagues who will never reject to help and assist me.

My experience in ACC especially with the legal paper work proceedings are similar with my fellow classmates. However, they were not given the chance to attend court hearings. I am very glad I am given such opportunities to be exposed to such legal proceedings.

It teaches me to be careful with work, be meticulous and the exposures in ACC taught to think in a Broadway. It has been a great pleasure and thankful to ACC for giving the chance and providing me with a platform to learn. The work has been challenging and productive and I throughly enjoyed with the firm, fine staffs and professionals. I will definitely miss my associates here.

It is of well-importance to ensure to be alert and know how to change according to circumstances to avoid ‘contempt to court’. It has been a real great experience to be exposed to such experiences and different court scenarios, how many “Attachment” students would be given such opportunity compared to chambering students. My attachment in ACC was only for 3 months. From this great 3 months, I’ve really learned and has widened up my state of thinking to be alert, mature, caution, meticulous and be a hardworking person. It is not easy to find a good and willing to teach master. Opportunities, chances, exposures and the willing to teach are founded in ACC. It has indeed gave me good experience in this 3 months of experience.

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