Chuah Jie Ni

Chuah Jie Ni Attachment


Miss Chuah Jie Ni, Multimedia University, 3 months attachment.

I have learned to search for cases (especially by using CLJ and Lexis) according to my needs. From those cases I’ ve learned to pick up points which are important that can be used. I’ve also learned to prepare submission. I’ve to relate the cases found to the points that I want to submit. I also have to do translation in which I never have the chance to do in University.  I got to attend court for hearings, trials, open court and In Chambers. This chance is a very good exposure for me because attachment students don’t normally get to go to court. I see the way my boss presents his cases and got to learn advocacy skills.

The most interesting part would be going to court with my boss. The first time I went I was in awe with the grand (and huge) building. I got to see the proceedings in open court and in chambers. There was also a case which involved 16 lawyers. It is fun to see all the counsel arguing and presenting their points and trying to twist their way out with words. I was also able to attend a cross-examination.  The way my boss plays around with words is amazing.

The most memorable experience is meeting all my colleagues and of course my boss. Before I came I was worried I couldn’t get along with my colleagues but I was so wrong! They are very friendly and fun to hang around and always provide a helping hand whenever I’ve any difficulties.

The advice given by boss are all very good and helpful. He keeps reminding me to brush up my English because it is very important and he’ll never fail to correct me, especially my grammar. He also reminded me to be meticulous, caution and quick-witted.

The staff of ACC are very helpful especially Jo, Marina, CBL, Hamidah and Rizal and May.  Whenever I’ve any problems they are always ready to help.  They will help to correct my mistakes as well. Whenever I can’t locate a particular file, they will help me to find it. Whenever I am given a task, they are there to brief and guide.

My experience here is similar to my classmates except I got to go to court. Most of the lawyers wouldn’t bring any attachment student to court but my boss actually encourages me to go. I find that the judges are very learned and quite strict. From the hearings/ trials that I went, Dato’ Kang and Dr. Badariah impressed me the most. They are so knowledgeable and play with the words around so beautifully.

It’s a fulfilling experience because it widens up my horizon and I get to meet wonderful friends! The best thing is seeing my research being used by boss. Just for a small point- the test of insolvency- and I had to go through a large pool of cases and slowly narrowed them to a handful and saw them being presented before the judge. The judge seemed quite impressed. I was happy to learn how to distinguish cases cited by the opponents and to make the authorities that they cited irrelevant.

Ms Chuah Jie Ni with Mr Alex Chang
Ms Chuah Jie Ni with Mr Alex Chang

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