Jo Tan Swee Poh

Tan Swee Poh Jo Pupil & Legal Assistant

Jo Tan Swee Poh
Admission to the Bar Miss Jo Tan Swee Poh together with Mr Ale Chang

Admission to the Bar of Miss  Jo Tan Swee Poh.

Miss Jo Tan Swee Poh a graduate from UKM, joined the firm in 2008 as a pupil in chambers.

She was admitted to the Malaysian Bar the following year and assisted Mr Chang in the firm until the end of 2012.

Miss Jo Tan Swee Poh’s Comments When She was a Pupil
What I have learnt so far:

1 Responsibilities
Learnt to take the responsibility for any wrong/ errors you have made and how to fix the errors…

2 Given ample opportunities to grow.  If you like not being ‘spoon fed’ in this firm- my Master will give you an opportunity for you to try to find the solutions before giving his opinions or directions to solve the problems.

3 Guided by the Master first-hand
You will have the opportunity to be guided and learn from your Master directly instead of learning from the Legal assistants.

3.1 My Master will give me his opinion and comments on the work I have done. For example, in research works-
you will be given an issue where you need to find the relevant cases or law. Then you will be taught how to analyse the facts and apply the law to the facts.

3.2 You will not run short of opportunities to attend high court hearings (in Chambers) right after you have filed your petition for admission and long before ‘short call’. As far as I am concern, one cannot learn Advocacy skills from a book.

4 Free English Lessons
Ha ha… 75% of the work is in the higher courts, it enhances your grammar and vocabulary skills.

5 Colleagues
No ‘politics’ issue in this firm- colleagues are willing to help each other.

Tan Swee Poh Jo
September 2008

Pupil’s Comments


Jo Tan Swee Poh Alex Chang
Miss Jo Tan receiving a book from Mr Alex Chang

Miss Jo Tan receiving the Footprint of a Judge’s Journey from Mr Alex Chang at the Launch of the same.

Mr Chang received much assistance from Miss Tan on the said project.  The book was only a token of appreciation.

Three pupils of Mr Chang meeting up during Chinese New Year.
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