Kenny Lau Thai Yik Attachment Student Kenny Lau Thai Yik 见习学生

Kenny Lau Thai Yik Attachment Student
肯尼 (Kenny Lau Thai Yik)见习学生

Joining Alex Chang & Co. has been another life lesson for me.  I can remember  many instances when  I was too eager to learn up new pratical knowledge about legal work when I was in the law school. It was during June 2013, a short but valuable experience working, or rather a learning experience, I would say, in this law firm.

加入Alex Chang& Co是我人生的一个课程。当我在法律学院时,我还记得很多情况下我都太渴望了解更多关于法律实践工作的知识。那是在2013年6月,我在这所律师事务所得到了一个短暂但宝贵的工作经验,或者更确切地说,一个学习的体验。

It’s not just about learning to do legal work, it’s also about observing day-to-day running of a legal business.


It’s fun and thrilling to have worked with a great corporate lawyer and been able to observe real trials in court.  A lot of law students fascinate to join big law firms for the sake of the feeling of approval, or admiration.  But too often, as I heard and saw from the experience of my peers, they’re tied with office work, and often deprived of their much needed real-life experience in observing court trial, or their communication with their bosses are too often impersonal, which deprived them of the opportunity to clear some doubts about the mystified working of law firms.


I have learnt about preparing court documents, filing court documents and some basic legal work such as researching and inevitable paper work. It’s a privilege to meet and to have worked with Mr Alex Chang, he’s busily engaged yet approachable, an expert of his own field yet he’s humble and friendly.


There is a family atmosphere in the office working with Mr Alex Chang  and his staff.  Much thanks to Miss Lim Soo Zee, Mr Chang’s pupil turned legal assistant;  Ms Janice and Ms Chow (Mr Chang’s assistants for 16 years as at 2015); and the then Pupil in Chambers  Raja Madihah for their help and patience in guiding me during that one-month period.  I would have completed my 3-month attachment with Mr Alex Chang if not for the sudden participation in a moot competition. Even  after leaving the firm, I have always received texts from Mr Alex Chang inviting me over for dinners (as my family is far away), which is so kind of him to do so.

在办公室与张大律师和他的员工一起工作时会感觉到一股家庭气氛。很感谢林淑儿Lim Soo Zee大律师(张大律师的前实习律师,现任的法律助理),Janice小姐和赵小姐(在2015年,他们便已当了张大律师16年的助手),和当时的实习律师Raja Madihah小姐在这一个月内耐心的指导和帮助。如果不是突然要参与一场模拟法庭比赛,我将会跟随张大律师完成三个月的见习课程。即使已离开了公司,我还是一直收到来自张大律师的讯息,很慷慨地邀我一同吃晚餐(因为我的家人都在远方)。

Mr Alex Chang gave unyielding support to me for me to prepare for the moot competition. After I left the firm the following month, he still cares about my study, my results and competition.  It is a great feeling that there’s this one great mentor who cares about his ex-attachment students.


Wonderful thanks to Mr Alex Chang and all the staff. They have been excellent friends, teachers, mentors and a great inspiration for me.


I truly appreciate and value everything I have learned here.  It will remain a major contribution behind my path to becoming a lawyer. I really look forward to the day I can do the same great work for others.


Kenny Lau Thai Yik

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