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Life is about experiencing and exploring.  Alex Chang & Co is a great platform for anyone who is desperate to learn, explore and experience  the  legal profession, or even learning life lessons.

Mr Alex Chang  is  a great master who has  knowledge, practical skills  and philosophy of life.  He shared a story with  me.

It was about two employees from a shoes factory  who were  sent  to Africa.  One of the employees reported to his employer,  saying there could be  no market in Africa as everyone was bare footed.  While the other employee reported that  “I have found you a gold mine Boss!”.

This story taught me that perspectives  matter.   It is about how you perceive one matter, either positively or negatively.  It is also about determination.  If you are determined to be a successful person, you shall work towards that goal and never give excuses saying you cannot do this and that. One should never give up easily otherwise   your efforts  will be wasted and you will  regret for life.

Working here, of course, is bittersweet.  You will get  reprimanded  (of course), yet you know it is for your own  benefit and for you to grow stronger.   Mr Alex Chang observes a   very high standard and he  expects the same from all of us.    As a lawyer, you are expected to do an  excellent job.   This is because of  reliance the  clients placed on us.   Their properties  are at stake.

I found out that it is the Lawyers’ duty   to go through  all these hard work, preparing  statement of claim,  submission, questions for the  witnesses,   grounds of  appeal, to name but a few.  It is not easy at all.   After my experience here  in Alex Chang & Co, I  have a much  better insight on how all these are done,  it requires time, brainstorming sessions,  accumulated experience and foresight.

Lawyers  must equip themselves with great deal of  knowledge,    intelligence and also  emotional  intelligence commonly known as the “EQ”.   To be a young  lawyer,  you must be humble and willing to learn,   when dealing with great lawyers, you shall be calm, arrange your thoughts, and express your mind  clearly;      behave and  think like a lawyer.   You must also think critically,  be curious about everything.

I  was given an opportunity to read a one trial  file.   While reading the facts, affidavits, bundle of authorities,  common bundle of documents and so forth,   I discovered  my  weaknesses  like language and  reading speed.   I am a slow learner, but it  should  not stop me from becoming a great lawyer.   I  had so much fun reading the transcripts,  I  found out that questions must be framed carefully and precisely.  There are also “dos” and  “don’ts”  during every stage of trial.

In conclusion, working in Alex Chang & Co, you will be given many opportunities, like a visit to Palace of Justice to observe proceedings in the Apex Court,  having conference  with other lawyers  and preparing submission.  Working  in this firm is not all about work,  but also relationship.   There were many occasions where we had lunch  with Mr Alex Chang and also fellow colleagues.   They will share about their stories related to legal profession, there is much to   to  learn from these  informal chats.   I would like to thanks everyone in this firm.

Last but not least, life is full of surprises,  if  I  had not undergone the mini pupillage program  here, I  would not have experienced all these.   Do not be  afraid to step out from your comfort zone to try something new,  you will never know what is awaiting you outside.   Everything happens for a reason.

Low Kar Yeen
University of London

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