Alex Chang Companies Winding-Up Handbook

How to wind up your debtors in Malaysian courts

Chinese 中文 Debt Recovery Law In Malaysia and Legal Tips Winding Up


“English Version”

Some General Information about winding up your debtors company in Malaysian court:

 – how to wind up a company that owes you money in court;
– what is  compulsory winding up instead of voluntary winding up;
– what is Pay Up or Wind Up…
– what happens after winding up;


This is only a guide. Please do not rely on it without seeking your own legal or financial advice.

 You may also find it useful to refer to the relevant legislation in the Companies Act 1965, the Winding Up Rules 1972 of Malaysia.
您可能还会发现参考《 1965年公司法》,《马来西亚1972年清盘规则》中的相关法律有帮助。

See also the Companies Winding Up Handbook and the Halsbury’s Laws of Malaysia on Winding up, both has contributions from Alex Chang.
另请参见《公司清盘手册》和《Halsbury’s马来西亚清盘法》,这两本书均由Alex Chang先生撰写。

“The Chinese Version is a translation to the best efforts and if there is a conflict between the translation and the English version, please refer to the English version.”
“ 此版本是我们尽心的翻译,如翻译版本与英文版本存在冲突,请以英文版本为准。”

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