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How do I wind up a company?

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If a company owes you money and has failed, refused (do not want to) or neglected (forgot) to pay the debt, you may apply to wind it up by presenting a petition to court pursuant to section 218(1)(e) of the Act.
如果一个公司欠您钱,并且未能,拒绝(不想)或忽略(忘记)偿还债务,您可以根据《 1965年公司法》第218(1)(e)条向法院提出呈请书,以清盘该公司。

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A winding-up petition of this type is usually presented by a creditor on the grounds that the company cannot pay its debts and this has to be proven to the satisfaction court.

How do I prove to the court that the company cannot pay its debts?


To start the process of winding up the lawyers will serve onto the debtors, a notice pursuant to section 218 of the Companies Act 1965 for the debtors to pay the debts within 21 days.
If the debtors fail to pay, a winding up Petition will be filed in court.


Freezing the Bank Account

After the winding up Petition is filed, we may apply to the court for the bank accounts of the debtors be frozen.  The reasons for doing so is because many debtors will try to ’empty’  their bank accounts by moving the funds in their bank accounts once they know that their company is going to be wound up.

Hearing of the Petition

The Winding Up Petition will usually be fixed to be heard in Court within two months of filing/ commencement as we have mentioned earlier.

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