The Moot Court Program- Attachment Internship


Moot Court at Alex Chang & Co
The First Mooting Experience

“If it pleases the Court, My Lords and My Lady, …”



1     Every law student knows what  mooting is all about;    a  practice for the law students to taste the  real court before being admitted to the Bar, a  chance at  “real”  deal.

1.1     Sadly   not all  law students will be given this opportunity.

1.2     For myself, I would have  liked  to try mooting as a freshman,   yet, I have not found the  courage   to be one of the mooters.

Preliminary Feelings

2      When Mr Alex  Chang suggested to hold an In House Mooting Competition, I knew it would  not be easy,  but I  firmly     believe  that the experience of mooting will prepare  me in my  pursuit of  my  dream  of  appearing in court.   This is a  special opportunity not to be missed.


3     This  In House Moot Competition  is    unlike  the other moot competitions held in the colleges.  We were provided with  a real  file with all the court documents, the  Statements of Claim, the Statement of Defence    and Affidavits filed by the parties.

3.1     The attachment pupils/ interns  were assigned to a  two-counsel  team  representing the Plaintiffs and Defendants.

3.2     We have  to find out the issues  and build  our  own  arguments,   relevant authorities to support our case.  To assist  us  the firm provided examples of  written submissions to draft our own arguments and of course rebuttals.

3.3     Tension was   high,   the   experience  ecstatic.

The Hearing and Preliminary Issue

4     As the lead counsel for  the  Defendants, my stomach was full of butterflies   on D day.  According to Murphy’s Law   as our “case” was not in our favour.

4.1     To argue  fearlessly for our ‘clients’    the Defence    successfully raised a preliminary issue  in the  delay of the  filing of  the application by the Plaintiffs.  Nothing could describe our joy  when  the Plaintiffs’ counsel prayed for a short recess   to confer with her junior on our preliminary issue.

4.2     We have    also  successfully raised the issues of ‘fact in  dispute’.   At the end of the day  in the face of  adversity  as  aforesaid,   I  am  satisfied    as  we tried  our best.

Post-mooting Feelings

5     Mooting has been something that I was longing to try.

5.1     It  is my pleasure to have the  chance given by Alex Chang & Co to experience mooting  during  my  attachment.

5.2     Throughout the  preparation,  we were  given  the full   exposure of an  advocate’s  life.  I  believe we are the  fortunate  few to have this eye opening and unique experience.

Much obliged, My Lords and My Lady.

Hiu Jing Yin, Jennifer

The National University of Malaysia, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia.

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