Flora Murni Duplex Condominium Mont Kiara For Rent

Flora-Downstairs-OverviewFlora Murni Duplex Condominium Mont Kiara for Rent


The entire unit is fitted with mosquitos netting, you can leave the windows open to welcome the wind but screen out the unwanted friends.   All the glass panels have been changed to double glazed, you wont hear a thing when you sleep…


It has two entrances one facing Garden International School on Jalan Kiara 3, and another entrance a stone’s throw away from Plaza Mont Kiara  and One Mont Kiara  where you can find McDonald’s, Starbucks, Japanese Food,  Korean Food, 711, Village Grocer, Pork Lab and many many more…



Facilities Available

Downstairs of the Duplex

Upstairs of the Duplex

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