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Debt Recovery/ Collection In Malaysia

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Do it within six months…. The legal process in Malaysia is that Cases generally takes at least up to a year to be heard from the time that you file the matter in court. After getting heard (after the hearing), you will then need to obtain a Judgment.
After getting a judgment, you need to execute the judgment.


WHO MOVED MY MONEY? Your debtors…
“谁动了我的钱?你的债务人。。。”/”WHO MOVED MY MONEY?Your debtors……”

In one the following cases you will find that in FW V Suitech the Provisional Liquidator was appointed in November 2007 and the Company was wound up in January 2008 (see also Pay up or Wind Up) the whole process took about 3 months:

在以下的一个案件案件,你会发现,在FW V Suitech,临时清盘人被任命于2007年11月,公司于2008年11月被清盘,(另参见清还或者公司清盘),整个过程大概花了3个月左右:

These are the brand new cases published in 2008 (reported Back to Back):


FW Industries v Suitech (the Original grounds written by the learned Judge Hishamudin, published in the Current Law Journal: [2008] 3 CLJ 210

FW Industries v Suitech (原先的判决理由是由提沙姆丁(Hishamudin)法官所写的,并被发表在现行法律杂志(Current Law Journal):[2008] 3 CLJ 210

PECD V FREEHOLD (the original grounds written by the learned Judge, now Judge of the Court of Appeal Dato Vincent Ng, published  in the Current Law Journal:
[2008] 3 CLJ 215

PECD V FREEHOLD(原先的判决由上诉法庭法官拿督文森特(Dato Vincent Ng)所写,这判决被发表在现行法律杂志(Current Law Journal):[2008] 3 CLJ 215

Visit Current Law Journal to download a copy of the actual report.


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