Admission to the Bar of Noor Izzatie binti Zainol Kuala Lumpur Malaysia Long Call

Noor Izzatie binti Zainol

Long Call Speech – Admission to the Bar

Name       : Noor Izzatie binti Zainol

Petition No.   : 18-1112-08/2017

Date         : 17/08/2018

Day          : Jumaat

Court       : NCVC 9, Aras 4, Sayap Kiri, KMKL

Judge      : DatoMohd Zaki bin Abdul Wahab


If it pleases you My Lady, Alex Chang appear for your humble Petitioner Noor Izzatie binti Zainol and my learned friends representing the various bodies have already been introduced earlier, with the exception that my learned friend Mr Shukor Tokachil will also represent the Bar Council for this petition.
  1. Petitioner hails from  Tampin, Negeri Sembilan and is the third child of Mr Zainol Harun and Madam Zawiyah Mohd Yusof.
Crave leave to be introduced
  1. The Petitioner started her secondary education in Sekolah Menengah Sains Kuala Selangor in pure science stream. With flying colours, she went and pursued her Foundation in Laws at Universiti Teknologi MARA.
  1. In 2017, the Petitioner obtained her Degree from the University of Malaya.
Acquired taste
Your petitioner acquired interests
  1. During her studies at MU, the Petitioner to interned at Alex Chang & Co in 2016 Hardworking responsible young adult, she excelled in her research in company laws during the transition time 1965 and 2016 act where she was first exposed to mooting, an experience she would never have acquired  in law school.
These exposures that had shaped her interest into litigation is a hugely thanks to Mr. Alex Chang who had provided the Petitioner a platform that could never been gained anywhere else. For that, she would thank her first mentor, Mr. Alex Chang.
  1. In August 2017, the Petitioner commenced her pupillage in the chambers of my learned friend
    Mr.Paul Aisu at Messrs Paul & Associates where the Petitioner had undergone intensive training on drafting, research, trials and handling clients.
The Petitioner felt forever  indebted for the patience and determination of her master, Mr. Paul Aisu  to train the Petitioner and guide the Petitioner into not just be a good lawyer, but a great lawyer with common sense.
  1. The Petitioner aspires to be a good and successful lawyer and pursue her interest in environmental activism.
  1. Today, the Petitioner would like to thank her parents,
    Mr.Zainol and Ms.Zawiyah for their love and support, her families here for their undivided support, her master, Mr. Paul Aisu for his patience and guidance all these while and Mr. Alex Chang who had given her a lot of first’s into the legal world.


  1. Yang Arif, I verily believe that all the cause papers are in order and there is no objection to this Petition. Therefore, I humbly pray that this Honourable Court grants an order that the Petitioner be admitted and enrolled as an Advocate and Solicitor of this Honourable Court.
    Noor Izzatie binti Zainol
Alex Chang Esq.
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