7 Tips for Malaysian Students Travelling to Australia

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7 Tips for Malaysian Students Traveling to Australia

1              Please check with the Australian  customs and all relevant authorities  for the latest regulations  before you fly on the following tips, you do not want to be stopped for importing any items that is prohibited.

                1.1          These guides are our suggestions only and you may wish to follow them at your discretion.

2             If you   have sensitive nose, that is,  to pollen, dust, sudden cold/ hot air?

                2.1          If yes, and you  takes Clarityn or Clarinase, you may want to bring them  from Malaysia. These are light to bring, but, cost a lot here.

                2.2          Also lower strength: stronger ones which we can easily get from pharmacy in Malaysia here you need prescription from doctor!

                2.3          The same goes with multivitamins you may want to  bring along whatever you are  used to at home. With covid, you should bulk up on resistance anyway.

3             For ladies you will find that pads cost more in Australia.

                3.1          Log into https://www.coles.com.au   and see how much these are in Australia.

                3.2          Buy electricals like hair-dryer from Australia. (Unless you  have long hair and must have one on hand immediately on arrival.)   No need to change plugs, and there will be local warranty. Plenty of choice too.

4             If you are   bringing electrical items  from Malaysia, then bring some adaptor plugs for Australia.

                4.1          Very cheap in KL but expensive  here. Or one of those 4 or 6 point power panels with universal sockets: can use any kind of plug.  These are difficult to find in Australia.

5              If you are going to a large city, it is very likely you will  find all the Asian food and groceries available. Even in supermarkets the choices and stock are increasing all the time. 

                5.1          If you do not bring any food, it is easier  going through.

6             If you like to  bring some  food or medicines, type up a list including quantity of each, print out the list.

                6.1          Declare and   show them the lists. The customs officers will appreciate it. 

7             One more thing. Many people buy winter clothing and bring from Malaysia.

                7.1          It may be wiser  budget for them to buy in Australia.

                7.2          Firstly in Malaysia they have no idea how to dress for the cold of Australia.

                7.3          Then, there much more choices here and in places like Kmart or Target which are not so expensive.  

8             During  the pandemic masks and COVID-19 Rapid Antigen Test   kits are scarce and expensive in Australia do bring some.




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