Is A Level law for everyone Tean Sim Yin

Is A-level law for Everyone?

TEAN Sim Yin
TEAN Sim Yin

I was an A-level student until the month of June in 2016.  Throughout the one and a half years  studying A-level in Advance Tertiary College (ATC), I have gone through a lot of difficulties in studying law.  Besides that, I have also learnt a lot of new things that I have never learned before, such as the way of thinking and what law is all about.

Memorising Text?

Before I decided to take up law as one of my subjects in A-level , my friends have told me that I must be good in memorising texts if I decide to study law in future.  I was very good in memorizing texts when I was in high school, especially in the subject of History.  That was why I started to consider studying law. However, my senior who was reading a law degree in ATC had told me that studying law is totally different from the common perception of studying law, but I did not really know what that meant at that time.

When I started pursuing  law at A-level   finally I  understood what my senior said.  At the beginning, I could not adapt to this new subject which I had never learnt that before in high school.  I am also a slow learner and that was why I have to take more time to adapt to this subject.  However, as time went on, I found law becoming more interesting.  During the of AS (Advance Subsidiary), the first half of A-level, I have learnt the basics of law and what law is about.  At that time, I was still using my memorising skills to pass the  examinations.   However, it was different when I started A2 which is the second-half of A-level.

When Did I Find Law Interesting

During A2, the second half of A-level, I have learnt different things from what I have learnt in my AS, the first half of A-level, I  studied the law of tort and law of contract.  That was when I found studying law more interesting than I thought before. For example, for the law of contract, I did not know what condition and warranty was before, but now I know what it is and what are the different consequences if the defendants did not comply with the condition and warranty which have been agreed upon when the contract was made.  Besides that, I have also understood how a contract can be deemed valid.

Moreover, studying law had allowed me to know what is going on around me, and enlightened me on how the society works in the world I live in.  Prior to studying law, I could  not understand or appreciate what is reported in the newspaper  but after studying law, I am more interested to read the news from either the newspaper or the internet.  Besides that, I got to understand a little more about what is right and what is wrong or what can be done and what cannot be done in my daily life.  It is a subject that can make us feel more involved in the society and teach us some life experiences.  Studying law in A-level had helped me understand what law is about.


However, I had faced certain difficulties when I am studying law.   As I have mentioned before, I am a slow learner.  I have to devote more time and put more efforts  than my peers.  First of all, I could not understand the questions easily and had always interpreted the questions wrongly resulting in obtaining low marks in the assessments.  Eventually, that had affected my level of  confidence.

High Stress Level

Moreover, I believe that I could not memorise the syllabus to face my exam anymore.  My memory had reached the limit. That was the main reason why I  felt so stressed, to the extent that I thought I could no longer handle it.  Therefore, I started to doubt whether I could study law for my degree or whether I should consider alternative options.  When I was preparing for my A2 exam, the second and also the final half of A-level,  despite my  effort  I was nevertheless stressed and worried.

Light At the End of the Tunnel

However, I felt really grateful for my senior who had taught me the correct way of analysing and answering the examination questions.    In addition, I have learnt how to handle  stress and  rebuild my confidence.

Finally,   ‘Is A-level law for everyone?’, my answer will be yes.   Studying  law at A-level offer a golden opportunity   to decide whether or not we like this subject.    Besides, it teaches us   basic knowledge regarding, whether you  like it or not,  law is everywhere.   Whether get flying colours is not important,  face the challenges and you will acquire life long knowledge that is extremely useful.

TEAN Sim Yin 2016, Advance Tertiary College, ATC


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