An Internship Attachment Beyond My Expectation Alicia Ng Chui Ling

Ng Chui Ling Alicia
Ng Chui Ling Alicia

An Internship Attachment Beyond My Expectation – Alicia Ng Chui Ling

Joining Alex Chang & Co has indeed given me an excellent   exposure on the legal profession. I still remember  my first day, I was given a question by Mr Chang which I pondered for a long time. When I finally knew the answer, I learned that sometimes we need not be too preoccupied in trying to figure out a comprehensive  answer but yet a simple and direct to the point answer is sufficient.

I have learned and able to experience more than I could imagine. I was given tasks such as drafting witness statements, translating  affidavits, letters and articles and conducting  research,  attending hearings in court and so forth.

The mundane translation tasks  seems  easy  but it is a task that requires good understanding and paying attention to the details. It is not about merely translating word for  word from  the original article into another language.  The   essence is that the original meaning and  intention should not be distorted.  What I learnt from this simple task is priceless: Never underestimate anything.

I was also fortunate to be given the opportunity to witness an execution of the Writ of Seizure and Sale (WSS) in Tanah Merah, Kelantan. My colleagues and I went to the Magistrates Court in Tanah Merah to meet with the bailiff to perform the execution of the judgment. Fortunately for our case, the judgment debtor paid  the full sum with interests to the judgment creditor. This has given me insights on how the process of the execution WSS works.

The highlights of this attachment was the in house moot training.   The questions raised by Mr Chang as the ‘presiding officer’   made me realise the weakness of my submission. It was nerve-wrecking but yet an amazing and invaluable experience.

This is a firm that balances work and play.    Karaoke outings and birthday celebrations punctuate the days and it   helps us to build a closer bond.

One of the important things I have learned is to listen to instructions carefully. Although this may appear trivial  but it is definitely a vital learning skill so that we will be able to execute our given tasks as expected without mistakes.

Working in Alex Chang & Co has been a real pleasure and I would like to show my heartfelt thanks and appreciation to Ms Chow who is ever so helpful, Ms Janice who is such a great cook and a very concerned person, Ms Elaine who is so heartwarming and especially Miss Calise Lee who is such a smart, caring lawyer. I am fortunate to have met
the very helpful staff of the firm and the other interns/attachment pupils.

My heartfelt gratitude to Mr Chang who has given me this golden opportunity to join your firm and I am very thankful for your guidance and support. I also learn that being a successful lawyer, not only you have to be good in your legal knowledge and advocacy skills but also good in time management as well as organisation skill.  Thank you Alex Chang & Co.

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