Seeing Is Believing Lau Yee Vonne

LAU Yee Vonne
LAU Yee Vonne

Seeing is believing

Here comes the day where I had finally completed my three years of Degree in LLB. This is the time where people will be bombing you with questions like “So what’s your plan after this? Are you going for the CLP or joining the BPTC? How are you planning to spend your holiday?” This is the moment when I realised that everyone already had a very clear decision in mind and determining which path they will be pursuing.

I panicked, I felt lost and uncertain, especially in facing with all these life decisions, there’s so much more to be considered than I had ever imagined. However, a saviour in my life came to the rescue. She is always the pillar of my life , gave me strength to sustain and overcome all the obstacles and dilemmas in life. My sister, knowing my struggle, kept telling me that things will be just fine, go with the flow , one step at the time and I’ll eventually find my way and answer.

Therefore, upon taking my sister’s advice, I had decided to try out an attachment programme while waiting for my results. Alex Chang & Co (ACC) was the first option appeared in front of me when I started my research. I decided to apply for a place in the attachment programme without hesitation. Furthermore, after reading the articles shared on the website by the previous attachments, it had given me more excitement and curiosity to join the firm. Ever since then, I’ve been counting down anxiously for the day to come.

Hit the road

I was offered a short period which is approximately three weeks time of attachment. It was short but it was remarkable and an unforgettable experience to me. I’ve seen how the lawyers would have to sweat their blood to finish the submissions on time, how interesting and tense the discussions could be in the process of arguing for the case, and  witnessing the day-to-day operations of a litigation firm. It was beyond eye-opening and each and everyday, I’m a little different from the person whom I used to be the day before. It was a constant learning process, I came to know how important it was to make sure every detail in the letters and documents were in accordance and how the tasks needs to be carried out with great precision.

My first day was somehow surprising and I admit that I’m slightly taken off guard by the situation. It was a hectic morning where everyone is rushing to get the bundles ready before time, at that moment , some error was detected and the situation became really tense and busy. But with the professionalism in everyone of them, things got sorted out in a while and I officially begun my attachment journey. Ever since that day, I’ve been enjoying and learning through every moment of the attachment. Although I was expecting to do some tedious tasks, based on my previous attachment experience, it turned out to be the other way round and I actually had a very fruitful experience and I’m very grateful for the chances and tasks given so that I’m able to learn and improve myself.

Learning the ropes

Along the journey I had developed various skills such as researching, translating and also the skill in drafting a submission. I had been given a lot of exposure and opportunities such as attending court sessions, tag-along in a meeting with the clients, serving documents and more. Most importantly, we had been given the chance to participate in an in-house mooting competition. I’ve never tried out any of these and it was my first time participating and getting to know what mooting really is. The process were beyond words and the bond we managed to build among our peers was one of the most valuable thing I’ve gained through this attachment, I would like to take this opportunity to thank my fellow attachments, Jet, Wei Li and Yiwen, thanks for adding up so much to my memorable attachment.

Besides, there’s a thing that I couldn’t bare to miss. ACC definitely has the best cook in world. Miss Janice had graciously offered to prepare our daily lunch. Miss Janice’s home cook food never fails to satisfy our taste buds and cravings. I had been away from home for years due to my studies, I cant describe how much warmth I received by getting to enjoy the taste of home, it always reminded me of my parents and was the part of the day I always looked forward to everyday. It will definitely be one of the things I’m going to miss the most after my attachment. Also, I would like to show my gratitude towards the fellow members of ACC, Ms Elaine, Ms Chow, Ms Ivy, Ms Jess and Mr Germaine who much devoted to this family-like working environment. Towards the end of my attachment, Mr Alex Chang had generously invited us to a drinking session, it was a very fun and unforgettable night, we had a lot of sharing and jokes among the fellow interns and we had indeed enjoyed ourselves and had a great time.


Lastly, I would like to extend my gratitude to the opportunity and guidance given by Mr Alex Chang himself, for making my tenure of attachment a well spent one. Thank you very much for having me in the firm, letting me know how exactly legal field runs, specifically a litigation firm and what skills and sacrifices a person would have to equip themselves with to cope with the tasks.

It is much more than I could ever imagine before I get to have a clearer picture of it. It is true that when you sees it ,you will believe it.

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