Corporate Law 公司法

Corporate Law

After years of conducting matters in the Companies Winding Up Laws, Alex Chang was invited to contribute to the Companies Winding Up Handbook. In this book imported by Alex into Malaysia.

经过多年处理有关公司清盘法的案件,张惠华大律师受邀为公司清盘手册(Companies Winding Up Handbook)作出贡献。这本书是由张大律师引进到马来西亚。

Primarily written as a text to assist the lawyers, the First Edition was published in 1998. In 2003 the second edition was published. This book has been referred to in many reported cases.


Alex Chang has also contributed to the Malaysian Court
Forms and the Halsbury’s Laws of Malaysia.
张惠华大律师(Alex Chang)也对马来西亚法院表格格式(Malaysian Court Forms)和马来西亚的霍尔斯伯里法律(Halsbury’s Laws)做出贡献。”

See the Foreword by His Lordship Dato Gopal Sri Ram JCA in the Companies Winding Up Handbook 2003

查看拿督戈帕尔斯里兰卡拉姆JCA( Dato Gopal Sri Ram JCA)法官在2003年公司清盘手册的前言。

See also the Foreword by His Lordship Datuk Wira Low Hop Bing in the Companies Winding Up Handbook 2003

也查看拿督维拉(Datuk Wira Low Hop Bing)法官在2003年公司清盘手册的前言。

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