Admission to the Bar of Elina Lim Jiun Xe Kuala Lumpur Malaysia Long Call


In the High Court of Malaya at Kuala Lumpur
On January 25,  2017

Elina Lim Jiun Xe
Elina Lim Jiun Xe

If it pleases you,  My Lady
Alex Chang Huey Wah appearing for Your petitioner, Elina Lim Jiun Xe, the representatives for the relevant bodies have already been introduced,  save and except for this petition Mr Ng Yih Miin will appear for the Selangor Bar.

Your Petitioner  was born in Penang,  grew up in Sungai Petani, she is  the only child to the graceful  couple  Mr Jason Lim Kean Hock and Madam Jacquelyn Lee Wan Gaik.

(I crave leave for her   family be recognised: her parents   grandmother, aunt, and cousin)

Television shows had a significant influence in Your Petitioner’s choice of profession.  Watching “E.R.” had inspired her to be a surgeon as a young girl. However, the thought of operating on patients had her feeling so nauseous and terrified; she would’ve made       A Nightmare on Elm Street or the Conjuring  sounds like child’s play…
Following “The X-Files”, Your Petitioner then wanted to be an FBI agent hunting aliens, and was adamant that there existed a Federal Bureau of Investigation in Malaysia, even when her mother had convinced and insisted otherwise.
As a teenager, Your Petitioner finally considered practising law as a profession inspired by “Ally McBeal”.  While the T.V.  series featuring the bubbly Calista  Flockhart  was not a ‘serious legal drama’, the realistic portrayal of the main character’s flaws in contrast to her strong sense of social justice had piqued Your Petitioner’s  desire in helping people.

My Lady
Although the decision to be a lawyer appears random, frivolous and even feeble, it was while reading laws at the University of London that her genuine understanding and passion  for  law sprouted. In law school, Your Petitioner found the rigours of legal research both exciting and fulfilling.

Thence, Your Petitioner was conferred an Bachelor of Laws, passed her CLP exams, and began her pupillage at Messrs Stanley Chang & Partners under the tutelage of my learned friend Dato’ Frank Loh Chun Hoo. During her nine months at  the firm, she was given every opportunity to enjoy hands-on experience in various legal matters.

Your Petitioner would never forget the humility she felt at one of her days,  in the legal aid – dock brief program, where one of the accused (an immigrant)  she mitigated for had literally begged  in tears for help. This brought meaning and reward to her beyond any personal satisfaction imaginable.

However, what she finds priceless are lessons which cannot be taught. Her master, as a man of few words, is the epitome of ‘action speaks louder than words’. He taught Your Petitioner precision in execution, knowing when to work hard and when to let one’s legendary hair down.
His flair in  being the strategist for his clients’ course  and negotiation skills, are practical and priceless lessons to Your Petitioner.

My Lady
In preparing for this momentous occasion, Your Petitioner  customised  her Robe  embroidering a  quote   with  a scripture from a Holy Book which says:
“Open your mouth for the mute, for the rights of all who are destitute. Open your mouth, judge righteously; defend the rights of the poor and needy.”

This is what Your Petitioner felt had embodied the legal profession as a whole. Your Petitioner truly believes in the nobility, rich history, and tradition of the legal profession and would like to continue to keep this age-old tradition alive.

On this very special occasion, Your Petitioner seeks the leave of this Honourable Court to express her gratitude and appreciation to the following people:-
To God, for which all things have been made possible through Him.
To Your Petitioner’s parents, her pillars of strength, for their unconditional love and support; thus making who she is today.
Your petitioner would like to convey her gratitude to her pupil master for all the opportunities given, for his patience and for allowing her the freedom and space to make a few  mistakes and learn from them.

To her grandmother the rest of her family;  for their moral support and words of encouragement.
To the Petitioner’s grandfather who is no longer here, she will always remember his advice, of the importance of education and being a person of good standing.

To her friends and colleagues; for the good times, their friendship and camaraderie.

My Lady,
I believe that Your Petitioner is a fit and proper person to be admitted and enrolled as an Advocate and Solicitor of the High Court of Malaya. I believe that Your Petitioner’s papers are in order and the relevant bodies have no objections.
Wherefore I humbly pray  for an order in terms.
I am obliged.
Wait For The Order.

My Lady
My learned friend, Dato’  Frank Loh, Your Petitioner’s pupil master tenders his apologies for not being able to attend the ceremony today.
I therefore crave leave to robe Your Petitioner.
We are obliged.

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