An Eye Opening Attachment Internship Wan Guan Hui

Wan Guan Hui Alex Chang & Co
Wan Guan Hui

What I Have Learnt In Alex Chang & Co.

“A pleasant surprise” would be the best word to describe my experience at Alex Chang & Co.

I was given an opportunity to experience a short attachment/intern/mini-pupil at Alex Chang & Co.   It was very eye-opening for me as Mr Chang, with more than twenty years of experience in litigation practice was willing to spend time to teach me, not solely on what the law and litigation is about, but also life lessons and shared his precious experience with me.


The experiences I gained in university or even during the Certificate of Legal Practice were significantly different compared to what had I learnt at Alex Chang & Co.  While in university, the students may refer to books or statutes for some facts or procedures to refresh their memory.   Mr Alex Chang taught me that no judge or client will give us the opportunity to refresh our memory.   Every moment in litigation practice is a “war” itself and to be a successful and good litigator, one must be “equipped” to answer questions from all sources alike.


Mr. Chang also taught me to take instructions precisely, think critically, read and decipher the usage of different application for cases.   He also showed me that precision is the key to everything.  Without precision in the subject matter, it will be vain despite the effort put into it.


In Alex Chang & Co, I learnt how to do file search, file documents in court, which are essential parts of being a lawyer.   I found out that it is the small matters that matter as the time to file each documents is stringent.  A single delay in filing documents or serving documents will no doubt be a bane itself and may cause the death of the case itself.  I also found out that much calculation is needed to determine the claim of damages.  A litigator must strategize for the case to determine which claim is more favorable to the client themselves.


A Litigator’s duty is not only confine to debating skills in court itself.  As I found out in Alex Chang & Co, a good drafting in paperwork such as preparing writ, statement of claim, discovery of documents is crucial.  I also have a much better insight on the civil procedure as I was given the opportunity to read a file in which not many law firms are willing to offer such opportunity to an attachment/interns/mini-pupils students.


I would like to express my gratitude to my colleagues for their guidance and insight.  I would also like to give a special thanks to Mr Alex Chang, who contributes to point out my inherent personalities which I have not discovered myself and direct me to the path of a future successful lawyer would be.



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