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The Special Relief Facility initiated by the Central Bank of Malaysia

The coronavirus Covid-19 brought our nation to a halt as the Movement Control Order was imposed on all Malaysians for a period of 14 days, starting from March 18 to March 31. Luckily the central bank of Malaysia (Bank Negara) injected RM3.3 billion to help business. 

A Special Relief Facility (SRF) was initiated by the Central Bank of Malaysia (Bank Negara Malaysia)

In assistance of businesses and households impacted by the COVID-19 outbreak.

The Central Bank of Malaysia is allocating RM3.3 billion of financing facilities under Malaysia’s Central Bank’s Fund for Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to provide support for SMEs in sustaining business operations, safeguarding jobs and encouraging domestic investments.

One of the financing facilities is Special Relief Facility (SRF). SRF, with an allocation of RM2 billion, aims to alleviate the short-term cash flow problems faced by SMEs adversely affected by the COVID-19 outbreak. 

Eligible SMEs can obtain financing of up to RM1 million for a tenure of up to 5.5 years, including a 6-month grace period. The financing rate is capped at 3.75% p.a. The SRF is available from  March 6 2020 to December 30 2020.

Interested SMEs can apply directly to participating financial institutions which comprise commercial banks, Islamic banks and development financial institutions regulated by the BNM. They may also apply online through the business financing referral platform at imsme.com.my.

*Members of the public are advised to contact the customer service centres of financial institutions directly for enquiries or assistance. *The public may also contact Bank Negara Malaysia’s TELELINK at 1-300-88-5465 for additional information or assistance.


为了协助受 COVID-19 疫情影响的企业和家庭,马来西亚中央银行在国行中小企业基金下分配了33亿令吉的融资额度给予中小企业,以维持业务运作,保护工作和鼓励国内投资。







Maybank has introduced a financial relief scheme that is (moratorium or payment holiday of up to 6 months) for customers impacted by the ongoing Covid-19 virus outbreak and the Movement Control Order. This could also include restructuring and rescheduling of financing facilities, if required.

If you are affected by the current situation and wish to apply online for relief for any of the following facilities which you may have with Maybank, please fill up the application form on the link below:


We are actively researching for more information from other banks and we will update you accordingly here. 

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