TEAN Sim Yin

Moot Court Program During Attachment Internship Tean Sim Yin


Vacancy for Three Weeks Only

TEAN Sim Yin
TEAN Sim Yin

As an A-Level student from Advance Tertiary College (ATC), I was offered an opportunity to undergo   an  attachment/ internship/ mini pupillage  at  Alex Chang & Co., Mr Chang told me during the interview he had one vacancy  for  three weeks only.

Through this short journey,  I  experienced the working lives of lawyers.   I have been through a lot and at the same time,   I gained a lot   which  I would not have, had  I not been here.

Practical Exposure

First and foremost, I am  grateful for the opportunities which were bestowed  upon me such as the many   visits to  the Kuala Lumpur High Court.  The  High Court of Malaya, which I heard so much about,  was a brand new encounter.    The most valuable episode  was the time when I was granted leave to observe  the way counsel  address the Court in an actual hearing.  I was also able      to witness how Mr Chang moved the admission proceedings (long call) of the newly admitted Advocates and Solicitors.

These eye opening experiences    will be cherished   as a stepping stone toward wisdom and success.

Legal Research Skills

Furthermore, these short weeks allowed me to hone  my skills on legal research and article writing, which are the tools of the trade for lawyers.

Moot Court Program

I would say that, perhaps the most exciting moment for me throughout my days in Alex Chang & Co is the in-house mooting competition conducted by Mr. Alex Chang and his legal assistants (associates).  I  was able to enhance  my skills on the understanding the facts of a case thoroughly, spotting the legal issues involved, drafting a submission and to experience the surreal feeling of representing my clients in a solemn courtroom setting.  My partner, a year three university student/ international mooter and I had been diligently reading the bundles as well as preparing for the moot for a few weeks,  but the fulfilment we derived from the experience is another story altogether.

Light Moments

Last but not least, I would like to extend my heartfelt gratitude to my beloved colleagues who have worked with me, and the care they have showered me during my days here. I  feel safe to declare  that there are few legal firms out there where everyone would gather around to have a delicious lunch every afternoon,  prepared by the talented Ms. Janice Wong.

The colleagues willing lent their helping hands to each other  and that  tops the reasons why I feel happy working at  Alex Chang & Co.

During the three weeks as an A-level student, I have experienced so much more than my peers and it had opened my eyes and my mind to see the working lifestyle which  enabled me to decide whether or not I  should pursue a   law degree . No words can describe how grateful I am towards  this firm, for presenting me  this rare opportunity    and the seniors who have taught me so much.

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