3 Things Employers Must Know about Public Holidays In Malaysia

PUBLIC HOLIDAYS IN MALAYSIA Versi Bahasa Malaysia The government of Malaysia declared  September 4, 2017  a public holiday following Malaysia’s outstanding performance at the 29th SEA Games. The Prime Minister was teasing the crowd, saying it was not easy to declare a public holiday.  Many Malaysians Employers are surely wondering how the Government can declare a public holidRead More…

Fastest Way to Recover Judgment Debt Writ of Seizure and Sale

中文版Versi Bahasa Malaysia Definition  of Writ of Seizure and Sale The Writ of Seizure and Sale (WSS)  is what we regard as  the most effective  mode for the enforcement of a money judgment. The writ is a direction to the Sheriff to seize in execution the movable properties of the judgment debtor within Malaysia as may be sufficient to satisfy the amount of the juRead More…

7 Tips on Bankruptcy in Malaysia

Discharge, Disqualification, Annulment.
Bankruptcy Discharge
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Discharge after full settlement with Creditors Assisted by Lawyers
For information on the above click here.
For information on the above click here.
Discharge & Annulment with Assistance of Lawyers
The article below sets out some general informationRead More…

7 steps in Divorce Proceedings in Malaysia

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1 In Malaysia, divorce of non-Muslim is governed by the Law Reform (Marriage and Divorce) Act 1976 (LRA 1976). LRA 1976 states that a Malaysian High Court can only grant a decree nisi or decree of judicial separation if the marriage is registered or deemed to be registered under the LRA 1976, or the marriage is contracted under a law that the marriage is monogamous. Read More…

5 Legal Tips for Defamation in Facebook Social Media

5 Legal Tips for Defamation in Facebook and Other Social Media
Languages:   English    繁体中文    简体中文   Malay In this digital era, social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Sina Weibo has become part of human’s life. Recently, Trump and Clinton, being the candidates of United State President Election 2016 have fueled millions of Facebook postings, and if it is printed out, it Read More…

Fastest Way to Get a Judgment in Debt Recovery Summary Judgment

Fastest Way to Get a Judgment in Debt Recovery Summary Judgment Best Practice Kuala Lumpur Malaysia
1 An application for a summary judgment in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia  is a civil procedure under the Rules of Court 2012 (hereinafter the “ROC”) to expedite an action begun by a Writ of Summons without going through the rigours of trial.  The objective is so that the parties and the court nRead More…

Alex Chang Companies Widing Up Handbook

Winding Up Without a Judgment Petition Malaysia

Must I obtain a Judgment BEFORE filing a winding up petition against my debtors? “Versi Bahasa Malaysia” This is one of the most frequently asked questions.   A short answer is no.  The provision of section 218 of the Companies Act 1965 and the new sections 466 and 467 of the Companies Act 2016 did not provide that a judgment must be obtained prior to filing of a Winding Up Petition. Read More…