Suzanne Liew Shu Xian

Suzanne Liew Shu XianSuzanne Liew Shu Xian

A pupil reading in the chambers of Alex Chang Huey Wah Esq.

She read laws from the University of London, was active in sports excelled in tennis, badminton and swimming; loves reading and is also an accomplished violinist.

Her source of energy: family.

Of the various job encounters she enjoys the challenges presented to her at Alex CHANG & Co the most. She loves the intellectually stimulating tasks she is often presented with that require critical, multi facet analysis and thinking out of the box simultaneously.

All these distills into a simple solution to the issues at hand. To her, satisfaction comes in the form of acceptance of the resolutions she devised.

Her modest wishes- to specialise in her present endeavours and bring sense to the senseless world.

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