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Peggy San
Peggy San

Peggy San, 申碧溪

Before the commencement of my summer attachment in a legal firm, I was invited personally by Mr Alex Chang Huey Wah to attend his lecture as one of the lecturers at the Bar Council Ethics classes exclusively tailored for the pupils in chamber.  That was my first acquaintance in my ‘practical’ legal journey outside the university and I am glad to be given a rare opportunity like this as an eye-opener. Besides, I was impressed and amazed by the fact that my very own Master had contributed in writing the Malayan Law Journal (MLJ) Companies Winding Up Handbook and had conducted scores of winding up matters to establish himself as the renowned pioneer in this area of practice.

在我开始我的暑假见习生课程之前,我曾被张大律师亲自邀请到他身为讲师之一的律师协会的”伦理课程”,那是一个专门为实习律师所设的演讲课程。那个经验也是我在校园以外认识了实践法律的第一次所以让我为之大开了眼界。我对于我自己能被赋予这样难得的机会感到开心。此外,我也为我的师傅,张大律师至今所完成的无数公司清盘案子和他为马来亚法律杂志(Malayan Law Journal)公司清盘手册所做出的贡献数(他因此成为在这方面大名鼎鼎的先锋)感到乍舌之余,印象深刻。

During the tenure of my  attachment I was also assigned to work  alongside  a young competent legal assistant Miss Lim Soo Zee  trained by Mr Alex Chang Huey Wah himself. A patient and dedicated lawyer like her put a smile on my face when I had to navigate the myriad of authorities and motivated me further in becoming a lawyer like her.

我在Alex Chang律师楼见习的那段日子里被安排跟在一位年轻能干,由张大律师亲自培训的法律助理,林淑儿Lim Soo Zee小姐身边工作。当我被无数的案例冲昏脑袋之际,还能看到像她这么一位这么有耐心又热爱工作的律师让我不禁会心一笑,她激励了我想成为像她一样能干律师的决心。

On the opportunity given to  attachment students  in Alex Chang & Co, I was invited to to go the Kuala Lumpur High Court, Seremban High Court, Penang High Court and the Palace of Justice in Putrajaya to acquaint myself with the process of filing and also to watch various hearings.


The dignified and solemn ambience of the court, the thrills during both of the counsel’s presentation, the feeling of the butterflies in the stomach before the judgment was pronounced and the sheer joy of accomplishment when the court rules in your favour are what I consider as invaluable insights.


In addition, I was also invited to participate in many conferences with the clients for the discussion of their legal matters. It was interesting listening to how they narrate their come about of the pleaded case, brainstorming for supporting grounds, and reckoning the chances of victory. Apart from exposures like this, I was assigned to read up authorities from scratch, align myself with both side of arguments, interpret and analyse the circumstances, prepare skeletal submissions based on the research, and finally assist counsel in the pruning of the submissions culminating to the brief 15-minute ‘air time’ allowed during open court arguments in the Appellate court.


Besides work we had much fun during the attachment with the colleagues in various social settings like karaoke at the Royal Lake Club, roadtrip to Penang, farewell dinners, not forgetting also the ‘celebratory’ dinners with the clients. It surely and definitely strengthened our friendship and heightened the togetherness in us, creating a happy community to work in.


Dealing with a learned Master like Mr Alex Chang could sometimes be rather arduous because you got to be on the same wavelength in order to comprehend him and effectively carry out his instructions. Unlike in any other firms where your Master sees and treats you like one of the many attachment students, he regards us as one important member of the firm and trains you to think, act and behave like a lawyer. He holds high expectations of us and makes sure that we are all ‘up to par’. This is one of the many things that distinguished Alex Chang & Co from other firms.

Moreover, I also learnt to be humble. In the acquisition of knowledge the sky is the limit. If we are too preoccupied on what we think we know, then further learning will be halted. Hence, I take many trivial things like running to post offices, hopping onto the bus back from the Kuala Lumpur High Court, promoting a harmonised atmosphere as part of the learning process. I have mentioned this to Mr Alex Chang, the training made me an inch further from being a daddy’s girl and I am proud to be where I stand now.

此外,我也学会了谦卑。在汲取知识时,只有天空是极限。如果我们觉得我们自己什么都会了,那么就无法继续地学习。因此,我也做了很多琐碎的事情如到邮政局,从吉隆坡高等法庭搭巴士回去和促进和谐共处的环境来作为窝学习过程的一部分。我向张惠华大律师Alex Chang提及过,这些培训让我更一步的远离爸爸的羽翼,我为自己的这份成就感到自豪。

It was indeed an exciting experience meeting different people with distinctive characters and consolidating my textbook legal knowledge and put it into practice in this short 2 months. This closing of this chapter of my life surely comprises bittersweet moments and last but not least, I would like to extend my heart felt gratitude to Mr Alex Chang and Miss Lim Soo Zee in making our summer attachment bountiful fruitful and meaningful.


Peggy San


University of Sheffield


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