Archie Yap Wen Han mentor I found attachment Internship

Archie Yap Wen HanArchie Yap Wen Han mentor I found attachment Internship

“I am not a teacher, but an awakener”, a quote by an American poet Robert Frost illustrates the importance for a mentor to awaken or enlighten a student’s horizon in knowledge and accumulate experience, kindle a student’s  mind and perspective to pursue his ambitions and goals.

I was fortunate to have Mr Chang as my mentor,   a meticulous counsel,   who  grasps the  issues at hand  in a blink  and presents  his analysis and solutions.   His precision in the use of the language  is simply awesome and  admirable.


My learned friend and a former intern of Alex Chang & Co, Miss Jessy Wan  strongly encouraged me to join  the internship/  attachment program.   Initially    I thought I could not  due to some personal constrains.  Nonetheless, it seems that it was pre-arranged by the Almighty for me to meet my mentor  through a chanced social event organised by the Brickfields Asia College   (BAC)  Mooting Society.    One of the organisers of the event was none other than  Miss Low Kar Yeen who was one of the interns  too…

That meeting with Mr Chang in person changed my mind and I reserved a month for the internship program. I knew I was destined to be here.


All interns   went through an interview before admission.     With so many interns vying for placements, I truly understand why that interview was out of the ordinary. I was stunned by   the questions from  by Mr Chang,   they were designed with a well guarded secret  purpose.


Alex Chang & Co is a  boutique legal firm which specialise in company law, particularly in  companies winding-up and debt recovery.   Mr Chang himself  a  pioneer in his field of work.  Being accepted as an intern widened my perspective as we observed first hand how work is orchestrated and fine-tuned to perfection. Such   experience    no textbooks or lectures could deliver.

The most exciting  experience   was  to witness an execution held in a condominium in Damansara, where the items   seized  by the bailiff   were  unlawfully removed  by the  tenant, in  contempt of the court order.  I am informed that a warrant of arrest was issued.


The in-house mooting  taught us how a litigator would draft a submission, brainstorming issues and come up with multiple solutions.  Court deportment and etiquette  are something few interns will experience.   Phrases from my mentor such as “we cook what’s on the table” and “lawyers do not speculate” etched into my mind.


I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to everyone in Alex Chang & Co for their patience and understanding. Ms. Janice and Ms. Chow, I would like to thank you for your guidance and tolerance. Thank you, Ms. Elaine, for being a supportive and caring person  that warmed my  heart.  Miss Calise Lee, thank you for everything and no words can describe how grateful I am to have you as a colleague and   a friend.

Mr Chang,  your passion and dedication in your profession inspired me to emulate you. Thank you.

Yours truly
Archie Yap Wen Han

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