A Most Inspiring Attachment Dineshwaran son of Yokheswarem

Dineshwaran A/L Yokheswarem Alex Chang & Co
Dineshwaran A/L Yokheswarem

As I was having my break between classes, I had the desire to learn more about how the legal system works I was curious and excited to have hands on experience as I embark into my journey to qualify as a lawyer.


Mr Alex Chang provided the opportunity that helped me to fulfil my curiousities of the legal line as he took me under his wing.    I am thankful to Mr Chang for giving me various experiences as they were so much more than I expected.    The time spent learning in the firm has helped me a great deal in meeting the work demands of a dedicated lawyer.    I find Mr. Alex’s personality and his humble approach to his profession most inspiring.    I am now motivated to open myself and meet my many challenges as a lawyer to be.


On the first day of my attachment, I was given a question by Mr Chang that was in its own way, simple yet intricate.    However, it took me 3 days as I kept second guessing myself.   I realised I should have trusted my instincts as the answer was right in front of my eyes the whole time.   It was the accomplishing of simple and straight forward tasks, and doing it from scratch in Alex Chang & Co, which helped me to learn so much.   What I realised at that point in time was that, it does not boil down to the quantity you have read, the key lies in the details. Less is more.


I was given the experience of attending several courts including the Federal Court.   I also travelled to Malacca by myself for the first time, by bus.   To be honest, I have never travelled long distance alone by bus before, it was my first experience.   As an amateur in this field, I learned to have faith in my abilities to handle the task at hand and entrusted to me without an experienced person present beside me.


The work environment in Mr Chang office, suits the dream environment that I wish to practice in my own firm as a lawyer in the future.   The fun, smiling faces, warmth, and positive aura of everyone in the office is exciting and it encourages me to work with the least stress possible.    Even though I was tired as I was not used to the working hours, the relaxed yet productive environment made it all happier and easier.


The knowledge and experience that I gained superseded the tiredness.


Among the quality learning that I benefitted from working with Mr Chang is, the random questions that he would ask me from time to time.   To be honest, over the recent years I have been procrastinating on my achievements and productivity that did not allow me to access my full potentials and abilities.   The timely and spontaneous questions by Mr Chang made me dig deeper into my core, my true capabilities and enhanced my eagerness to find the solutions.


Last but not least, I am truly grateful for the learning opportunities provided by Mr Chang in my journey.    His acknowledgements and validations to my many accomplishments and mistakes provided a great learning platform for me and a great boost for my self confidence.    I would like to extend my sincere thanks and gratitude to all the staff in Alex Chang & Co, namely, Ms Elaine, Ms Janice, Ms. Chow, Lim Soo Zee, Danien Soong, Iman and Jasmine Khor.    I appreciate the values learnt as I am a better person now and one step closer to my aspiration to be a respected lawyer.


Dineshwaran A/L Yokheswarem



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