Judgment Debtor Summons

Introduction to Judgment Debtor Summons A judgment debtor summon is an enforcement procedure for the
recovery or payment of money. For instance, if a defendant fails or refuses to pay a judgment sum
worth RM25000, then a judgment debtor summons will be taken out against the
defendant. The defendant will then be known as the judgment debtor who is the
person against whom the judgment or ordRead More…

Garnishee Proceedings

What are Garnishee
Proceedings? A garnishee proceeding is
a form of judgment enforcement procedure used to pursue judgment debts, normally
when a respondent fails to comply with a monetary judgment obtained by a
claimant. The rules governing these
proceedings are provided under Order 49 of the Rules of Court 2012.  The three parties generally
involved are the judgment creditor, juRead More…

UK University and Online Examinations In Malaysia Thanks to COVID-19 Lee Nicholas Heng Jin

Journeying Back from Pursuing an Education in the UK due
to COVID-19 – A Personal Experience Closure of the
University It is well-known that the journey of many students studying
overseas including my own was cut short due to the pandemic. My university –
The University of Sheffield had announced its closure after a report was
released stating that a faculty member of the architecture deRead More…

Mediation SOP Court Online

Operating Procedure for Mediation at the Court Mediation Center Pre-Mediation: Fill in the consent form for mediation which can be found on the relevant court website. Then, email your request to mediate to the mediation center involved. The mediation center will contact the parties involved by email or phone.The parties must send the following information to the mediation center through Read More…

Respective or Respectable – A Mystery in Malaysia

A Malaysian mystery is this “I am happy to
work for your respective firm…” The word, ‘Respective’ according to the Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary
is an adjective to be used before a noun. It is defined as, “belonging or
relating separately to each of the people or things already mentioned”. In
other words, ‘Respective’ brings the
meaning of making a comparison to eachRead More…

Police Arrest MCO Bail Plead Guilty Mitigate

What Happens When You Are Arrested During The MCO For Bahasa Malaysia version please click here For Chinese version 中文版 please click here Effective from March 18, 2020, Malaysia officially implemented the Movement Control Order (the “MCO”). In general, a police officer may arrest the violators of the MCO under: 1) Obstructing Public Servant In Discharge Of His Public FunctioRead More…


MOVEMENT CONTROL ORDER The Movement Control Order (MCO) announced by the Prime Minister of Malaysia on 16th March 2020, to be implemented throughout the period of 18th to 31st March 2020 which now being extended for another fourteen days, to 14th April 2020. As the name suggests, the implementation of MCO was to control the movement of individuals from one place to another Read More…

Coronavirus Covid 19 Movement Control Order Malaysia 2020

Re-Opening of Courts May 13, 2020 A Conditional Movement Control Order (“CMCO”) has been implemented and taken into effect on 13th May 2020, which allows the re-opening of Courts. However, Strict Operating Procedure (“SOP”) and guidelines are to be followed in reference to Circular that was issued by the Chief Registrar of the Federal Court.  Read more on our short article: A tastRead More…

The Risks of Foreign Companies Starting Business Venture in Malaysia – Yong Jei Beng

The Risks of Foreign Companies Starting Business Venture in Malaysia
A Chinese Company (“C”) was lured by a company that is incorporated in Malaysia(“M”) to expend his business to Malaysia. C agreed to it and hence incorporated  his company in Malaysia before  entering into a fixed term contract (“Contract”) with M, as the exclusive subcontractor of M.
InRead More…

Second Class Upper Law Degree Denied CLP

Even if you have a Second Class Upper, You may be Denied CLP   Future law students would love this article, one of my friends was not so lucky…   SHAKESPEARE Shakespeare’s famous quote from Henry VI, Part 2, “The first thing we do, let’s kill all the lawyers.” Professor David Epstein explained that the true meaning of those lines aren’t actually meant to make a mockery tRead More…

Tiga Cara Insurans Peribadi Kereta akan Mengosongkan Dompet Anda

Tiga Cara Insurans Peribadi Kereta akan Mengosongkan Dompet Anda 3 Ways Your Private Car Insurance Will Burn a Hole in Your Pocket Di Malaysia, membeli kereta adalah simbolik sebagai tanda berdikari dan kedewasaan dalam kehidupan kebanyakan daripada kita. Namun begitu, tahukah anda, sejauh manakah perlindungan yang polisi insurans peribadi kereta standard anda berikan dan apakah yang tidak terRead More…

Old Federal Court Malaysia Sultan Abu Samad Building

Hierarki Mahkamah Malaysia berbanding dengan Mahkamah UK

Hierarki Mahkamah Malaysia / Perbandingan antara Kehakiman Malaysia dengan UK Hierarchy of the Malaysian Court / Judiciary a comparative study with UK 马来西亚法院等级制度/司法体系与英国的比较研究 Saya anak kedua dalam 4 adik-beradik. Dalam hierarki mahkamah, saya Mahkamah Rayuan (COA) ke Mahkamah Persekutuan Malaysia atau Mahkamah Agung England. Dunia seperti yang kita tRead More…

Sales Services Tax Act 2018 Exempted Goods Taxable Services

Sales and  Services Tax Act 2018 Exempted Goods Taxable Services FAQ The Sales and Services Tax will take effect from September 1, 2018.   The Royal Malaysian Customs published and uploaded  some guidelines to their website, we present them below, some relevant ones,  for your easy reference as at August 16, 2018.   Please check with the Royal Malaysian Customs website Read More…

3 Things Employers Must Know about Public Holidays In Malaysia

PUBLIC HOLIDAYS IN MALAYSIA The government of Malaysia declared  September 4, 2017  a public holiday following Malaysia’s outstanding performance at the 29th SEA Games. The Prime Minister was teasing the crowd, saying it was not easy to declare a public holiday.  Many Malaysians Employers are surely wondering how the Government can declare a public holiday in Malaysia?   We will explaRead More…

7 Tips for the Preparation of Your Admission to the Bar “Long Call” in Malaysia

7 Tips for the Preparation of Your Admission “Long Call” in Malaysia 1.    Traditionally your Pupil Master or your Pupil Mistress will enjoy the singular privilege to “ROBE” the pupil, is he or she coming or not coming? 2.    If your parents are able to attend please inform the counsel moving your call so that they may be introduced during the speech. 3.    White winged collar shRead More…

5 Steps to Bankrupt Yourself vide a Housing Loan

5 Steps to Bankrupt Yourself vide a Housing Loan
Step 1: Buy a House and get a loan
A happy couple, our clients, Mr and Mrs Tan (not their real names) bought a semi detached house in Penang in 2009 for RM1,000,000, he took out a loan of RM900,000 and diligently paid the loan for 3 glorious years.
Step 2: Ignore the Summons From the Bank
After three years, the price shot up to RM1,400,000 but Mr TaRead More…

5 Legal Tips for Defamation in Facebook Social Media

5 Legal Tips for Defamation in Facebook and Other Social Media Languages:   English    繁体中文    简体中文   Malay   In this digital era, social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Sina Weibo has become part of human’s life. Recently, Trump and Clinton, being the candidates of United State President Election 2016 have fueled millions of Facebook postings, and if it is priRead More…

TEAN Sim Yin

Is A Level law for everyone Tean Sim Yin

Is A-level law for Everyone? I was an A-level student until the month of June in 2016.  Throughout the one and a half years  studying A-level in Advance Tertiary College (ATC), I have gone through a lot of difficulties in studying law.  Besides that, I have also learnt a lot of new things that I have never learned before, such as the way of thinking and what law is all about.
MemoRead More…

Hierarchy of the Malaysian Court/ Judiciary A Comparative Study With UK

Hierarchy of the Malaysian Judiciary/ Court System: “Versi Bahasa Malaysia” A comparative study with the United Kingdom I was born second in a collective amount of 4 siblings. In court hierarchy, I am the Court of Appeal (COA) to the Federal Court of Malaysia or the Supreme Court of England.  The world as we know it will be in utter chaos if it were not for the Judiciary. Imagine a couRead More…

The Courier and Parcel Phone Scam Fraud From China, [2016] ACCEJ 1

Recently the Singapore Police Force recorded a video starring Comedian Hossan Leong  (for the video: Channel News Asia,) to raise awareness of a phone scam that caused Singaporean victims a lost of more than S$4 millions since March 2016.  The phone scam  became viral in Singapore whereby  the scammers will  impersonate officials from the   police, customs   or a  courier company.   PoRead More…

My Frozen Shoulders Experience Fast Effective Treatment

My Frozen Shoulders Experience Fast Effective Treatment Your Professional Advisors Your Doctor One day out of the blue my right shoulder was frozen.I would like to share this experience with you to tell you that your physical health and your legal health is as only good as your health care provider.It was frozen solid to the point I could not even wear my shirt without enduring excruciating painRead More…

3 Ways Your Private Car Insurance Will Burn A Hole in Your Pocket

3 Ways  Your Private Car Insurance  Will Burn A Hole in Your Pocket In  Malaysia buying a car serves as a mark of independence and adulthood in most of our lives.  However, do you know  what is the extent of coverage that your standard private car insurance policy provides and what it does not cover? “Versi Bahasa Malaysia”   What your  Standard Private Car Insurance PolicRead More…

DIY USD6 Homemade Micron 0.1 Haze/ air filter In 5 Minutes

DIY Homemade Fan Filter Machine using  USD 6 in 5 Minutes The above figure shows the state of the filter after six 6 days of use compared to the new unused filter.  Imagine all these dust in your lungs. Filter To Be Used In An Enclosed Air Conditioned Room I have done some research. There is a 3M Filtrete Four pieces of 19cm x 30cm: At RM53 or about USD12;  can be fitted to a table fan.  TRead More…